Doctor Who Timelines – The Companions’ Timelines Index

Hello everyone 🙂

Since I’ve finished uploading the timelines for the 13 Doctors in ‘The Doctors’ Timelines Index’ on ‘Bradley’s Basement’, I am now in the process of uploading timelines for the ‘Doctor Who’ companions. Here is a link to the page here called ‘The Companions Timelines’ Index’.

So far, I’ve uploaded the timelines for the five main companions featured in ‘The Light at the End’. These include Leela, Nyssa, Peri, Ace and Charley. Their timelines cover every story in chronological order including the TV stories, the Big Finish audios and the books.

I shall be uploading more timelines for the companions soon.

Also feel free to visit ‘The Doctors’ Timelines Index’ here on ‘Bradley’s Basement’


Tim. 🙂

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