Day 13 – Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2015


Hello everyone! 🙂

It’s Day 13 of ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2015’.

It’s time to talk about food. What sort of food do I like then? Well, the sorts of food I like include pizzas and spaghetti bolognese. There’s a pizza delivery service I love getting pizzas from. What is it?


It’s ‘Domino’s Pizza’! Yes I love getting pizza delivered to my own home from ‘Domino’s Pizza’ in Cardiff. This is top quality pizza service as they deliver their pizza on time and I get to enjoy it at home. I enjoy having pizza with sides and coke whilst watching a DVD by myself or with my parents at home.

I go for a ‘create your own’ ‘Domino’s Pizza’ when it comes to ordering. I like having a small-sized pizza with six slices and toppings of chicken and ham. I like having starters/sides with my pizza including chicken strippers and a bottle of coke.

Sometimes I like to have ‘Domino’s Pizza’ as a treat with or without my parents. This can happen on my birthday; after a long hard working day or when going/coming back from a holiday far away from home. It’s easy to have too much of a good thing, but I always enjoy having a ‘Domino’s Pizza’ night.

When I watch something on the TV/DVD with a ‘Domino’s Pizza’, I start with watching a half-an-hour comedy when waiting for the pizza to arrive. Then I watch something for an hour like ‘Doctor Who’ with my starters and pizza before finishing with a feature film during and after I finished the pizza.

‘Domino’s Pizza’ is something I enjoy having from time-to-time. If you ever want to eat in and don’t fancy going out for a restaurant meal, I recommend trying a ‘Domino’s Pizza’. You can order online by entering your postcode for the nearest pizza delivery store close to you and select from a menu.

Thanks for reading.

Bye for now.

Tim. 🙂

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