Quick DVD review – ‘Shaun the Sheep Movie’

Hello everyone! 🙂

This is something else I had for Christmas!

As I’m a ‘Wallace & Gromit’ fan, it’s fitting that I should have the ‘Shaun the Sheep Movie’ on DVD. I’d seen this movie in the cinemas back in February 2015. It’s a while since I’d seen it and I almost forgot what it was about. But it was great to see it again with Shaun; Blitzer and his flock of friends.

Shaun has come a long way since making his first appearance in ‘A Close Shave’ with Wallace and Gromit. He’s had his own TV series ‘Shaun the Sheep’ that’s shown on CBBC. Now he’s had his own movie. Shaun has recently been on TV in ‘The Farmer’s Llamas’. A quick review will be posted soon.

The ‘Shaun the Sheep Movie’ has been fun to watch, as it’s a silent film for kids with no actual dialogue except for ‘hmms’ and ‘aahs’ from the human characters and ‘baas’ from the sheep. It was funny to see Shaun and his friends from their farm to the big city where the adventure takes place.

In the movie, Shaun is bored of the regular routine he and his sheep friends have at their farm with the Farmer and Blitzer the dog. Shaun tries to get a day off. But as a result, it sends The Farmer off to the Big City with a knock on the head and Shaun and his friends have to rescue their Farmer back.

I loved the characters featured in the ‘Shaun the Sheep Movie’ including Shaun, Blitzer, Timmy the toddler (who I loved), Slip the funny little dog who helps Shaun and friends and Trumper the evil Animal Containment man in the movie. This is an animation movie you don’t want to miss on seeing.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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