Quick DVD review – ‘Paddington’


Hello everyone! 🙂

I also had this DVD for Christmas 2015!

‘Paddington’ is a brilliantly delightful movie featuring the famous little bear found on Paddington Station in London. I remember watching Paddington Bear in his own children’s TV show when I was a kid. Now I’ve seen the movie, I can safely say this has been a very pleasing movie to see for all ages!

The ‘Paddington’ movie is based on the original books by Michael Bond. This is a lovely story of a polite young bear journeying from darkest Peru to London in order to find a new home. He meets the Brown family who find him at Paddington Station. They call him Paddington and take him home.

There is a nice balance of humour and drama featured in this movie as well as a blend of live action cast performances and CGI animation on Paddington Bear. I couldn’t help smile and laugh whilst enjoying this film. It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a British children’s film like this for a long time.

I was pleased to see familiar faces in this movie. There’s Hugh Bonneville (from ‘Downton Abbey’); Sally Hawkins (from ‘Persuasion’); Julie Walters (from ‘Mamma Mia’); Jim Broadbent (from ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’); Peter Capaldi (from ‘Doctor Who’) and Nicole Kidman (from ‘Bewitched’).

I highly recommend ‘Paddington’ as a DVD to have in your collection. It’s a delightfully pleasant film featuring that little bear in red hat and blue jacket with his love for marmalade made from oranges. I wouldn’t be surprised if a second ‘Paddington’ movie was made which I’d like to see at the cinema.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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