New ‘Doctor Who’ Timelines

Hello everyone! 🙂

For those of you who love ‘Doctor Who Timelines’, I’ve added three new ones to ‘The Companions Timelines Index’.

These include Mike Yates, who was an ally to both the Third and Fourth Doctors; Bernice Summerfield, who travelled with the Seventh Doctor and briefly with the Eighth Doctor; and River Song who met the Tenth; Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors.

I’ve also updated the timelines for Jo Grant; the Brigadier; Nyssa; Ace; Chris and Roz with more short stories from the Short Trips and comic book adventures.

Please feel free to discuss and comment on these timelines including those of the Doctors in ‘The Doctors’ Timelines Index’ and of the Daleks and Cybermen in ‘The Monsters’ Timelines Index’.

I hope to upload more ‘Doctor Who’ timelines soon.


Tim. 🙂

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