Movie Review – ‘Dad’s Army’ (2016 film)

Hello everyone! 🙂

I’ve had a great time at the cinema seeing the new ‘Dad’s Army’ film! I enjoyed seeing this take on my favourite BBC TV sitcom series. It’s different and it’s not as good as the BBC TV series. But it was worth the entertainment and there were some funny moments to enjoy from the cast in this film.

The film is set after the ‘Dad’s Army’ TV series that ended with Series 9. It’s set in 1944 and features the Walmington-on-Sea platoon led by Captain Mainwaring. The ‘Dad’s Army’ team meet a glamorous journalist writing a report on the Home Guard before MI5 discover a spy is in their town.

The new ‘Dad’s Army’ cast have been fun to see! There’s Toby Jones as Captain Mainwaring; Bill Nighy as Sergeant Wilson; Tom Courtenay as Lance Corporal Jones; Bill Paterson as Private Frazer; Daniel Mays as Private Walker; Michael Gambon as Private Godfrey and Blake Harrison as Private Pike.

The cast also features special guest star Catherine Zeta-Jones as Rose Winters, the glamorous journalist who visits Walmington-on-Sea. There’s also Sarah Lancashire as Mrs. Pike; Mark Gatiss (from ‘Doctor Who’) as Colonel Theakes; Alison Steadman as Mrs. Fox and Martin Savage as Chief Warden Hodges.

Frank Williams also reprises his role as the Vicar from the TV series of ‘Dad’s Army’ in this movie. It was also a nice surprise to see Ian Lavender (who played Private Pike in the TV series of ‘Dad’s Army’) as Brigadier Pritchard. I enjoyed seeing Ian Lavender’s scenes with Toby Jones as Mainwaring.

This new ‘Dad’s Army’ film has been fun to watch. There were things about the film I disagreed with, e.g. Mrs Mainwaring making an appearance which to me was wrong since she never appeared in the TV series. But on the whole it was a good-feel film and made me appreciate ‘Dad’s Army’ even more.

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Movie Review – ‘Dad’s Army’ (2016 film)

  1. markwrites2

    Glad you enjoyed the film, Tim. I agree with you that it could never be as good as the TV series featuring the original cast.Sort of makes one wonder why they made it really? Still, I suppose it was entertaining enough.

    Yes, it should be a golden rule that we never actually see Elizabeth Mainwaring!


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  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Thanks Mark

    Glad you enjoyed my review on this movie.

    Arthur Lowe himself said ‘if you show Elizabeth you’ve destroyed her’. So I can’t fathom why they did that in this film.

    Also I didn’t feel Tom Courtenay’s performance as Jones was as convincing as how Clive Dunn did it, meaning no disrespect to the actor.

    But great entertainment all the same.

    Thanks again for your kind comments. Tim. 🙂

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  3. Timelord 007

    Excellent review Tim, i completely agree with your points, the film was ok but it’ll never match up to the Tv series for me & your correct about Elizabeth Mainwaring should never be seen.

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  4. Tim Bradley Post author

    Thanks Timelord Simon. Glad you enjoyed my review on this ‘Dad’s Army’ movie. I don’t think any of us who are true ‘Dad’s Army’ fans would want a movie like this to replace the TV series. It was interesting that Elizabeth Mainwaring appeared in this movie, but I don’t think it was the right thing to do as it didn’t stay true to the original TV series by Jimmy Perry and David Croft. Thanks for your kind comments. Tim. 🙂



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