Would ‘Kinda’ work with Nyssa in it?

Hello everyone! 🙂

Here’s something to add to this week on ‘The Nyssa Challenge’. These are extra thoughts on how I feel about ‘Kinda’ and what I think would make it better if Sarah Sutton as Nyssa was in the story.

Because Nyssa wasn’t featured in ‘Kinda’, apart from the first and last scenes, I didn’t enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed ‘Snakedance’. If Nyssa was in ‘Kinda’, would she have a big part to play in the story? The answer for me is ‘yes’, as Nyssa could have done plenty to keep the story entertaining.

Nyssa could have helped Tegan with her latent telepathic abilities. As her best friend was going through a traumatic experience with the Mara, Nyssa would be there at Tegan’s side to help her.

Also Nyssa would have worked well in the scenes with Adric in the survey dome; witnessing Hindle’s madness and paranoia as well as seeing Sanders’ strange behaviour. Nyssa would have tried to calm Hindle down, despite being afraid of his outbursts and tried to get through Sander’s mental block.

What does everyone else think? Feel free to share your thoughts on this interesting question.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂


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