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Good Friday 2016


Hello everyone! 🙂

As its Good Friday today, I’d like to share something with you about what it’s all about.

For many, it’s a day off work and a precursor to the start of the Easter Holidays. In a sense that’s true, as it’s always nice to have a day off work and to enjoy having hot cross buns which is great! Continue reading

‘Doom of the Daleks’ – Part Four

Hello everyone! 🙂

‘Doom of the Daleks’ is now complete! If this is your first time, check out ‘Part One’; ‘Part Two’ and ‘Part Three’ first! If have read the first three episodes of this story, this is for you to know that ‘Doom of the Daleks – Part Four’ is available on ‘Bradley’s Basement’. Thanks to those who have supported this story online! 🙂 Continue reading

‘Destiny of the Doctor’ review – ‘Shadow of Death’


Hello everyone! 🙂

It’s Good Friday today!

It’s time to celebrate the Second Doctor era of ‘Doctor Who’ for the 50th anniversary!

Here on ‘Bradley’s Basement’, we continue to look into the ‘Destiny of the Doctor’ audio series from Big Finish and AudioGo in 2013. Today, my review on the second story, ‘Shadow of Death’ with the Second Doctor; Jamie and Zoe, is now online. 🙂 Continue reading