Teaser Trailers – ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’


Hello everyone! 🙂

Have you seen ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ at the cinema yet?

Well, whether you liked that film or not, you probably saw a teaser trailer of ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ that’s coming out sometime in 2017. And if you haven’t, here’s a YouTube video containing two teaser trailers of the upcoming film. I enjoyed them very much and found them funny to watch.

‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ is a follow-up to ‘The LEGO Movie’ that was shown in 2014. Batman was in that LEGO movie in 2014 and has now got his own movie coming in 2017. I enjoyed ‘The LEGO Movie’ and the two teasers trailers, so I’m hoping I’ll get to ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ at the cinema.

If you’re a Batman and LEGO fan, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this YouTube video.

Bye for now.

Tim. 🙂

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