Short Trip – ‘The Space Car’

1. The Space Car1

Hello everyone! 🙂

A new page has been added to my ‘Bradley’s Basement’.

This is ‘Short Trips by Tim Bradley’, a page dedicated for me to post fan-fiction ‘Short Trip’ stories of ‘Doctor Who’ on my blog. Check out my ‘Short Trips’ page to see.

Tim Bradley with Sophie Aldred at ‘Science of the Time Lords’, National Space Centre, Leciester, January 2016

My first ‘Short Trip’ is called ‘The Space Car’ and features Ace and the Seventh Doctor. This is a sequel to ‘The Space Car’ of ‘The Fifth Doctor by Tim Bradley’ and features Gordon Rotenhend.

Here’s a synopsis for ‘The Space Car’.

The Doctor sends Ace to collect a diamond at a space-market. Ace soon hitches a lift to get to Rotenhend Hotel #16 with the bad-mannered Gordon Rotenhend.

Please check out and read my ‘Short Trip’ with Ace and the Seventh Doctor. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

As a side-note, there will be a new story coming to ‘The Fifth Doctor by Tim Bradley’ later this year in 2016. It’s called ‘The Tree of Riverloth’ and features the Fifth Doctor; Nyssa and Billy facing the Melkurs. Stay tuned for an announcement on further details and when this story will be released.

Check out the other stories from ‘The Fifth Doctor by Tim Bradley’ including ‘The Railway of Time’‘The Space Hotel’ and ‘Doom of the Daleks’.


Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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