Convention Report – ‘Stars of Time Film & Comic Con 2016’


Hello everyone! 🙂

As promised, here’s my convention report for the ‘Stars of Time Film and Comic Con’ at the Helicopter Museum, Weston-super-Mare, taking place last Saturday on the 7th of May 2016!

I had a fantastic time on Saturday! It was a successful day-trip for me and my parents when we went on the Saturday to Weston-super-Mare by car. It was perfect timing and made it the perfect birthday treat for me as well making it one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a long time! Here’s how it went!

As I said, the event took place at the Helicopter Museum in Weston-super-Mare. I took plenty of photos of the helicopters on display at the museum with the digital camera. I took more photos of the helicopters than I did of the guests and of the cosplay attendees at the convention actually. 😀

I also took some photos of displays of Iron Man costumes; shields of Captain America and the Batmobile from the Christian Bale films of ‘Batman’. There were two Daleks there and the Robot from the ‘Lost in Space’ TV series. Bumblebee from the ‘Transformers’ movies was also at the event!

The highlight of the day for me was of course seeing Sarah Sutton, who played Nyssa, my favourite ‘Doctor Who’ companion. Sarah wished me a ‘Happy Birthday!’ at the event and I shared some of my birthday cake with Sarah and also with Ian Fraser, a professional photographer, who was helping her on the day.

I also met up with Chris Barrie, who played Rimmer in ‘Red Dwarf’ and Gordon Brittas in ‘The Brittas Empire’. It was the second time I met Chris at a convention and it was great to be chatting with him. I also first met Simon Fisher-Becker, who played Dorium Malvador in the new series of ‘Doctor Who’.

Something extraordinary happened on the day. My cuddly toy dog, Cuddles, sneaked a lift and came with us on the day to attend the convention. Cuddles got everywhere as he wanted to have a ride in the helicopters at the museum and have his photo taken with Sarah Sutton, which you see here. 😀


I also saw Simon Fisher-Becker’s one-man show of ‘My Dalek Has Another Puncture’ at the event. I enjoyed Simon’s show as I learnt more about the man who played Dorium Malvador in ‘Doctor Who’. This was the second part of a ‘trilogy’ of his one-man shows that he was doing at these conventions.

The day finished with me seeing Sarah Sutton for the last time and saying goodbye to her. I also purchased from the event a toy Dalek which I always wanted to get at these conventions. I also purchased Simon Fisher-Becker’s book (and had signed by him) on the first part of his autobiographical trilogy called ‘My Dalek Has A Puncture’.

The ‘Stars of Time Film and Comic Con’ event was a lovely day trip for me and my parents. I enjoyed going to the convention. The weather could have been better as we were promised sunny weather from the forecast, but it ended up raining. But on the whole, it was the best birthday treat for me indeed!

It was also great to see Sarah Sutton again; who I’m pleased to call my favourite ‘Doctor Who’ companion and friend. I’m looking forward to the next time I see Sarah again at another convention.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Convention Report – ‘Stars of Time Film & Comic Con 2016’

  1. IWishIHadATardis

    Hi Tim

    A very interesting report on the convention. I’m glad you had a great time, it looks as though there was an awful lot to see and lots of people to meet, as well as lots of interesting experiences.

    I like the pictures of all the robots and aliens – even the Dalek attended!

    The helicopters all look most interesting, too.

    I’m glad that Cuddles hitched a ride with you, and had a good time, too. He looks as though he was enjoying himself!

    Interesting people that you met there; I’m glad you met Chris Barrie. I liked him in Red Dwarf, and I absolutely love The Brittas Empire, it’s extremely funny and clever.

    The Dalek, and the book that you purchased look like really good buys.

    Sounds like a really full-on experience, and loads of great fun to round out your birthday weekend, Tim. Fantastic!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Thanks Leigh.

    I’m so pleased you enjoyed my convention report of the event in Weston-super-Mare. It was an exciting day for me and I’m pleased it went well for me!

    Glad you like my pics of the Daleks; robots and aliens at the event. I couldn’t believe they had the Robot from ‘Lost in Space’ at the event! 😀

    Glad you liked the pics of the helicopters!

    Yes! Cuddles enjoyed himself very much at the event! He enjoyed having his photo taken with Sarah. I can’t believe he fell out of my bag so that he could get to see Sarah and have a ride in one of the helicopters! 😀

    The Brittas Empire is what I remember Chris Barrie for really as I’ve never seen ‘Red Dwarf’, apart from the episode where they visited the ‘Coronation Street’ set. But it was good to chat to him and he was a friendly guy to meet.

    Glad you like the Dalek I purchased from the event.

    Thanks Leigh. Very pleased you enjoyed my convention report.

    Tim. 🙂


  3. Timelord007

    This has made my day, loved the pictures of the event Tim, i have to ask did the robot from Lost In Space say “danger Tim Bradley, danger”, if you never seen the show the robot would say the line “danger Will Robinson danger”.

    You & Sarah share a great rapport & she knows you very well by now my friend, there’s genuine warmth friendship in the pictures of you & her.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Tim Bradley Post author

    Thanks Simon.

    Very pleased you enjoyed my convention report on the ‘Stars of Time’ event last Saturday. I’m pleased you love the pictures. I’m amazed I took so many at the event of robots; Daleks; helicopters; Sarah Sutton and of course Cuddles.

    No, the robot didn’t say “danger Tim Bradley, danger” to me. It just moved left and right a lot and said nothing. So ‘that did not compute’, did it? I have seen ‘Lost in Space’ when I purchased the Season 2 DVD for my mum. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the show. I’ll have to re-watch ‘Lost in Space’ again and start with Season 1, won’t I? 🙂

    Oh yes! Sarah does know very well these days. I’m absolutely amazed by that. I like the rapport I share with Sarah. She certainly warms to me and we certainly have become friends over the years. When I met her last Saturday, Sarah teased me by saying that ‘she had been waiting for me and I was late’. That put a smile on my face. I’m glad you like the photos of me and Sarah.

    Thanks very much Simon. Your comments have been reassuring. Tim. 🙂



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