‘The Key to Time’ – ‘Doctor Who’ DVD reviews


Hello everyone! 🙂

‘The Key to Time’ is now on ‘Bradley’s Basement’!

Today, I have posted my DVD reviews of ‘The Key to Time’ series from ‘Doctor Who’, starring Tom Baker as the Doctor and Mary Tamm as Romana. This series comprises of six stories in a lavish DVD box set. Please feel free to comment on my DVD reviews on these six stories by clicking on the links.

The six stories are as follows. They are ‘The Ribos Operation’; ‘The Pirate Planet’; ‘The Stones of Blood’; ‘The Androids of Tara’; ‘The Power of Kroll’ and ‘The Armageddon Factor’. ‘The Key to Time’ series is one of my favourite Tom Baker seasons from ‘Doctor Who’. I hope you’ll enjoy my reviews.

You can purchase the DVD box set of ‘The Key to Time’ series either from Amazon.co.uk; Amazon.com or the BBC shop.


Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂


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