Quick DVD Box Set Review – ‘Get Smart’

Hello everyone! 🙂

Would you believe I’ve just seen the complete original series of ‘Get Smart’ from the 1960s on DVD?! Well, I have!

I’ve enjoyed seeing Mum’s Christmas present! Yes, I know! It’s not Christmas now! This is July! But my parents and I have spent seven months watching this brilliant spy-comedy series of ‘Get Smart’ on DVD. We took our time watching this series and now we’ve seen all 138 episodes! And loving it!

‘Get Smart’ is an American spy-comedy series starring Don Adams as Maxwell Smart, also known as Agent 86! It also stars Barbara Feldon as Agent 99 and Edward Platt as the Chief of CONTROL. I’ve enjoyed the missions of Maxwell Smart and the fight for peace between CONTROL and KAOS in all five seasons of ‘Get Smart’. They’ve all been very exciting and funny!

There’s so many episodes that I’ve enjoyed from this series. I liked the ones with Hymie the robot, Fang the dog secret agent of CONTROL, even the ones with Siegfried the German agent from KAOS! I also love the cone of silence! I love some of Maxwell Smart’s catchphrases like ‘I asked you not to tell me that’ and ‘the old (such and such) trick’!

I really loved the comedy banter and camaraderie of Maxwell Smart, Agent 99 and the Chief. The trio work so well together. I like how the Chief gets easily annoyed with Max’s stupidity in scenes and how 99 referees between them. Don Adams, Barbara Feldon and Edward Platt are so fantastic.

I also love the romantic aspects of the series between Max and 99. I like how the romance gradually develops throughout the series, before they married in Season 4 and eventually have twins in Season 5. This is an aspect of ‘Get Smart’ that’s at the very heart of the series between Max and 99.

‘Get Smart’ is a great spy-comedy series on DVD! I’m pleased my family and I took our time with watching this series from last Christmas in 2015 to this year in July 2016. I was saddened and astonished when we finished the series with ‘I Am Curiously Yellow’. Highly recommend this series!

You can purchase the complete DVD box set of ‘Get Smart’ here on Amazon.co.uk.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Quick DVD Box Set Review – ‘Get Smart’

  1. IWishIHadATardis

    Hi Tim

    I always loved watching Get Smart when it was on tv.

    I can imagine watching the whole series on dvd would have provided lots of laughs for many happy hours. 138 episodes over seven months is a real marathon watch! I am glad you, and your parents really enjoyed watching all these episodes, that’s a great idea.

    Don Adams is marvellous as Maxwell Smart. I always made sure to watch the opening part where somethiing different happened as he went into the lift, always makes you laugh.

    There are many really great characters in the Get Smart stories, aren’t there, and it’s great to have such wonderfully written and performed characters show up in many of the episodes. I like the shoephone gag, and the cone of silence very much.

    Great memories, Tim, and thanks for sharing your thoughts on this wonderful series.


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  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Hi Leigh.

    Very pleased you enjoyed my review on ‘Get Smart’ and that it brought back happy memories for you from watching the TV series.

    Well I’m amazed it took so many months to actually complete watching the TV series on DVD when we started from Christmas 2015. I’m glad we took our time with it and that we didn’t rush watching each DVD as we went through the five seasons. It allowed us to appreciate the characters and the stories featured in each episode. And it was great to have many laughs along the way as it is pretty comedy drama in a spy situation.

    Yes Don Adams is very good as Maxwell Smart. He did comedy before doing ‘Get Smart’ and the role of Max suited him I think. I always enjoyed it when Max and 99 had scenes with the Chief in his office on mission debriefings. Some of his lines when he seems not ‘smart’ but ‘dumb’ are very funny and I love it when the cone of silence always goes wrong between Max and the Chief.

    Yes the shoephone gag is very good in the series and I love it when Max has his catchphrases of ‘And loving it’ and ‘I asked you not to tell me that!’ There was one time when 99 said ‘I asked you not to tell me that!’ to Max, which made me laugh when I heard it. The characters are well-written in each episode and I enjoyed some of the guest performances. Sometimes some characters are over-the-top, but I didn’t mind that. I found Larabee very funny later on in Season 5 when he got on the Chief’s nerves.

    Many thanks for your comments, Leigh. I’m so pleased you enjoyed my DVD review on ‘Get Smart’. I was re-watching some early episode of ‘Get Smart’ after finishing the series which was great to do! Tim. 🙂


  3. IWishIHadATardis

    Hi Tim

    I did enjoy revisiting the Get Smart series, through your marathon viewing! It really is great that you and your parents could spend so many happy hours watching such a great series, and really relishing each episode. That’s real dedication, watching the series over so many months!

    Really, it raises a chuckle, just thinking about the cone of silence, and Max and the Chief, doesn’t it?

    Agent 99 is always great; I liked the way she would look at Max with despair, but really she cared about him very much, it was really lovely to see the relationship they had.

    Oh, yes, the catchphrases, like ‘Aaaaand loving it!’ really do make you laugh, don’t they?

    Testing the inventions in the lab, and all those funny things; a really great series, and very innovative for the time it was made.

    Thanks for the reminiscing, Tim, it was great to think about Get Smart after all these years. I really enjoyed reading about it all, and I’m glad your family all enjoyed watching it all.


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