Tim Bradley with Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton

Hello everyone! 🙂

I’d like to share with you my experiences of meeting Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton at ‘Doctor Who’ conventions. Peter and Sarah, who played the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa in ‘Doctor Who’ in the 1980s, are my favourite TARDIS duo in the TV series and the Big Finish audios. I’m lucky to have met them both.

I’ve written my own fan-fiction series with the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa in ‘The Fifth Doctor by Tim Bradley’ series, now on ‘Bradley’s Basement’. I’ve wanted to have a photo taken with me; Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton at these conventions to complete the fantasy that I’m a part of their team.


The first time I saw Peter was at the ‘Project Motor Mouth 2’ convention held at the Copthorne Hotel in Slough on Saturday the 3rd of August 2013. It was a charity event run by Janet Fielding who was also there as well as Sarah Sutton and Matthew Waterhouse. I had my DVD cover of ‘The Visitation’ signed by all of the four actors who were at the convention.

I didn’t get to chat to Peter very much as I’d done before with Sarah Sutton at previous conventions. Peter was busy making ‘The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot’ at the Copthorne Hotel in Slough at the time and he was on his way to meet the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi, in the ‘Doctor Who: Live’ programme the next day on Sunday.

Fortunately, I was able to tell Peter how much I enjoyed him as the Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’ and say to him that Nyssa was my favourite ‘Doctor Who’ companion to which he was pleased about. I hoped that one day soon, I would see  Peter Davison again with Sarah Sutton at another ‘Doctor Who’ convention.

Luckily my wish came true in 2015, as it was announced that Peter and Sarah would be attending the ‘H-Con’ event in Eastleigh, Hampshire in July of that year. I was looking forward to seeing Peter and Sarah at that event and hoped that I would get to have my photos taken with them and have a chance to chat with them.

‘H-Con’ came on Sunday the 26th of July 2015. It was raining buckets on that day whilst the convention was held inside the Fleming Park Leisure Centre. But it was a great day for me to see Peter and Sarah together at the same convention. My dream had come true as I got to chat to both Peter and Sarah and have photos with them.

I’m pleased that I got to have my photo taken with Peter and Sarah, which was shot on a green screen. The photo ended up looking like me; Peter and Sarah as the Doctor; Nyssa and Billy in the TARDIS from my ‘Doctor Who’ stories. This more than fulfilled the fantasy that I wanted with the three of us as the TARDIS trio.

Check out the link in the picture above to a podcast about the ‘H-Con’ convention with Peter and Sarah. It’s one of the ‘Gallifrey Stands Podcasts’ that contains the 15 minute Q&A session with Peter and Sarah and an interview with both of them shortly after that. Listen out for me asking a question to Peter and Sarah in this podcast 😀

science of the time lords

I didn’t think I would ever see Peter and Sarah together again at the same convention so soon. So imagine my delight when in December 2016, it was announced that Sarah Sutton would be attending the ‘Science of the Time Lords’ event in Leicester in January 2016 with Peter Davison. It was the best Christmas present ever for me!

The ‘Science of the Time Lords’ event took place at the National Space Centre in Leciester. It was a lovely ‘Doctor Who’ weekend for me, as I saw Peter and Sarah on the Sunday of that two-day event on the 31st of January 2016. I got to see their panel talks; saw them three times for signings and had photos taken with them.

I was pleased that I took videos of the panel talks featuring Peter and Sarah at the convention. Here is my video of Peter and Sarah in their panel talk together during the day. I was immensely pleased I got to have another photo with Peter and Sarah, although without the TARDIS background.


I’m going to be seeing Peter and Sarah again at the ‘Worcester Comic Con’ in August 2016 this year. I’m very pleased Peter and Sarah are attending another convention together. I’m looking forward to seeing Peter for the fourth time at a convention as well as seeing Sarah who I’ve become friends with.

I said something to Peter and Sarah when they signed the photo of us three in the TARDIS. I joked, “I replace Adric in the TARDIS!” Sarah said, “You’d make a good Adric, Tim.” Peter laughed and said, “Well that would be alright!” That makes me happy being a part of the TARDIS team with Peter and Sarah.

Check out this gallery of more items signed by Peter and Sarah for me at conventions, including DVD covers and CD covers.

Also check out my article on What do I like about the Fifth Doctor era? on my blog.

I hope you enjoyed me sharing my experiences of seeing Peter and Sarah at ‘Doctor Who’ conventions.

Thanks for reading!

Tim. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tim Bradley with Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton

  1. Timelord007

    This is awesome, the pics of all the merchandise signed is wonderful, I bet Sarah would say that Tim Bradley don’t half remind me of that Billy Walker chap & Peters reply would be “oh god I think Billy’s still locked in the Tardis broom cupboard lol.

    I’d love to attend a convention again but due to my social anxiety it’s difficult for me to be in crowded places, I wish I could meet Tom Baker my dream come true that would be.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Thanks Simon! Glad you enjoyed my post! Glad you like the signed merchandise I had from Peter and Sarah at conventions.

    If only I was there back in the 1980s to star as Billy Walker with Peter Davison as the Doctor and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa. I’m sure the ratings of the seasons in ‘The Fifth Doctor by Tim Bradley’ series would be fantastic! 😀

    Tom Baker does do signings nowadays by Fantom Films on their website. I hope you’ll get to see Tom Baker as I’m sure you’ll enjoy meeting him.

    Many thanks Simon! Glad this blog post of mine with Peter and Sarah entertained. I hope share more experiences of meeting other Doctors and companions. Tim. 🙂



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