Daily Archives: September 3, 2016

TV Review – ‘Young Hyacinth’

Hello everyone! 🙂

Yesterday, I saw the prequel to the BBC TV sitcom ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ called ‘Young Hyacinth’. It was shown on BBC One in the UK as part of the BBC Landmark Sitcom Season. Because I loved seeing ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ as a series, I naturally wanted to watch this prequel on TV. Continue reading

‘Four To Doomsday’ novelization becomes audiobook

four to doomsday audiobook

Hello everyone! 🙂

I’ve discovered some exciting news!

The ‘Four To Doomsday’ Target novelization by Terrance Dicks is to get its own audiobook by BBC Audio. I’m pleased about this news, as I’ve read the Target novel twice already. I’m looking forward to hearing what the story sounds like as well as reading the book to accompany this new audiobook. Continue reading