‘The Toy’ released by Big Finish and MORE


Hello everyone! 🙂

Here’s a quick announcement. Today ‘The Toy’ has now been released as an audio download by Big Finish on their website as part of their new ‘Short Trips Rarities’ range. ‘The Toy’ is a Short Trip audio read by Sarah Sutton and it was first released to subscribers of ‘Doctor Who: The Complete History’.

I’m so pleased to hear that ‘The Toy’ has now been released on the Big Finish website, as the story can now be heard by everyone who hasn’t subscribed to the ‘Doctor Who: The Complete History’ book series or can’t get access to it. The story features Nyssa with the Fifth Doctor and the Master.

Click here to see my review of ‘The Toy’ on ‘Bradley’s Basement’.

The other Short Trips audios in the ‘Short Trips Rarities’ range include ‘The Little Drummer Boy’; ‘Lepidoptery for Beginners’; ‘Sound The Siren And I’ll Come To You Comrade’ and ‘Museum Piece’. I’ve already reviewed ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ on my blog as it was part of the ‘Short Trips: Companions’ book and was released to subscribers of ‘The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories’.

That’s all folks!


Tim. 🙂

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