Day Trip Report – ‘LEGOLAND Windsor’ (October 2016)

Hello everyone! 🙂

Last weekend on Saturday the 15th of October, my parents and I went to ‘LEGOLAND Windsor’ for the day. I visited ‘LEGOLAND Windsor’ in my early teens and loved going on every ride and enjoying the attractions. Going to ‘LEGOLAND’ this year was awesome and brought back happy memories for me!

Let me share some of the things of what my parents and I did in ‘LEGOLAND’. We of course visited Miniland, where there are amazing models of familiar countries like Scotland, the USA and Europe. There are also famous London landmarks such as Big Ben, the London Eye and the Post Office Tower.

We then visited the ‘Nexo Knights Kingdom’ where they had ‘The Dragon’ rollercoaster ride. This was the highlight that my parents and I went for at ‘LEGOLAND’, as I loved going on ‘The Dragon’ when I was a kid. I had a thrill on ‘The Dragon’ ride when we flew through the tree tops and past the castle.

There was also the ‘Pirate Shores’ where my parents and I went on the ‘Pirate Falls Treasure Quest’ ride. Like any log flume ride, we got soaking wet from the ride! 😀 At lunch time, we had a meal at the ‘Pirates’ Burger Kitchen’. We really enjoyed having meals of bacon double cheeseburgers there.

We also went on rides that we’d never been before in ‘LEGOLAND’ and were new to us. There was the ‘Atlantis Submarine Voyage’ ride in ‘Adventure Land’ and there was the ‘Laser Raiders’ ride in ‘Kingdom of the Pharaohs’. There was real sea life to see when on the ‘Atlantis Submarine Voyage’.

There were also theatre shows that my parents and I saw in ‘LEGOLAND’. First we saw the show ‘Pirates of Skeleton Bay Stunt Show’ performed in ‘Heartlake City’ with acrobatics and swashbuckling swordplay. We also saw the puppet show ‘Cinderella’ at the ‘DUPLO Valley Theatre’ in ‘DUPLO Valley’.

But the best show was ‘The LEGO Movie 4D A New Adventure’ experience at ‘The LEGO 4D Movie Theatre’ in ‘Imagination Centre’. This was an extra mini-adventure from ‘The LEGO Movie’ featuring Emmet and the gang. I enjoyed this movie with real effects including water effects where I got wet.

Sadly the day was ruined later in the evening with heavy rain for an hour of so. But that didn’t spoil it for my parents and I, as it stopped raining in time for us to see the ‘Nexo Knights Fireworks Spectacular’ at night. I think I took more photos of those fireworks at night than I did of the rides! 😀

The day trip to ‘LEGOLAND Windsor’ was awesome! My parents and I genuinely had a good time that Saturday despite the bad weather. We achieved all we wanted on that day. Going to ‘LEGOLAND’ recently had made me want to go again. I will have to plan the next trip to ‘LEGOLAND’ with a friend.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Day Trip Report – ‘LEGOLAND Windsor’ (October 2016)

  1. IWishIHadATardis

    Hi Tim

    Your visit to Legoland sounds like it was a lot of fun. I didn’t even know there was a Legoland in Windsor, but it would be a great attraction for big kids and little kids, I’m sure!

    Lots of things to do, lots of rides to go on and things to look at, and lots of yummy food, what could be better?


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Hi Leigh.

    I’m glad you enjoyed my day trip report to LEGOLAND. It was a fun-filled day for me, despite the weather later on. I enjoyed going on the rides and there was plenty to see in LEGOLAND.

    There’s quite a number of LEGOLAND resorts in Windsor, California, Dubai, Florida, Billund in Denmark, Germany and Malaysia. The one in LEGOLAND is the only one I’ve been to for obvious reasons of locality.

    There were lots of kids attending that day. I think I enjoyed the food there at LEGOLAND a lot as well as the rides themselves.

    Thanks Leigh for your comments. Glad you enjoyed this. I hope to visit LEGOLAND again soon.

    Tim. 🙂



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