Day Trip Report – ‘Doctor Who Experience’ (November 2016)

Hello everyone! 🙂

Following the sad news that the ‘Doctor Who Experience’ will be closing in 2017; I wanted to make sure I visited the experience at least one more time before it closed. I’m very glad I did as last weekend on Saturday, my best mate Stephen and I visited the experience and made the most of it!

I’ve enjoyed going to the ‘Doctor Who Experience’ as it was local and close to where I live in Cardiff. Lately, I’ve been visiting the shop whilst in the bay. But last Saturday was a last opportunity to actually go into the experience itself, enjoy the fun and adventure and look around their exhibition.

Before we went inside the experience, I took photos of Dalek displays and also of gold handprints of ‘Doctor Who’ stars who’ve visited the experience like Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, etc. It was all so amazing!

Inside the experience itself was a fun adventure around the Gallifrey Museum. We enjoyed being escorted around the curator, hearing Lalla Ward’s Romana at the beginning and interacted with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor who guided us on the adventure. I even got to pilot the TARDIS. Honest I did! 😀

There were a number of scary monsters during the adventure. As well being inside the TARDIS, we also faced Daleks and Weeping Angels which was quite scary. There was also a 3D experience in the adventure, as we got to put 3D glasses on and see Daleks and Weeping sucked back into the vortex.

Once the adventure was over, we got into the ‘Doctor Who’ exhibition. This was the exciting part for me, as I got to take photos of various exhibits from the TV show. On the ground floor, there were TARDIS console displays that I got to have posed photos with and there were Bessie the car and K-9.

Up on the next floor, there were more displays of monsters, costumes and set designs from the TV series of ‘Doctor Who’. The monsters included the Face of Boe, the Absorbaloff, the Ood, the Silence, the Hath, a Mandrel, Morbius, a Zygon, the Giant K-1 Robot, Sontarans, a Yeti, an Ice Warrior, a Melkur, Sil, etc.

There were also lots of Cybermen there…

…as well as lots of Daleks and their creator Davros.

There were also a number of costume displays at the experience to see. There were the costumes of all thirteen Doctors from the series…

…as well as costumes of the ‘Torchwood’ characters and the companions of ‘Doctor Who’.

There were also some nice costumes of Clara Oswald that I loved seeing from the series.

It’s such a shame that costumes of classic companions of the series weren’t on display like Nyssa of Traken. 😀 But they did have the U.N.I.T. photos of companions from the Black Archive scene in ‘The Day of the Doctor’. This included photos of Nyssa, Tegan and Adric which I had to take with my camera.

We then visited the shop where I purchased some items including a new ‘Doctor Who’ book, the first ‘War Doctor’ CD box set from Big Finish and a Fifth Doctor cricket jumper as worn by Peter Davison. We also visited the art gallery full of Target novelization covers and ‘Doctor Who Magazine’ covers.

Visiting the ‘Doctor Who Experience’ again last weekend was tremendous! That could be the last time I visit that place, as I’ve enjoyed going to it, stepping inside the experience and visiting the shop. I hope I’ll get to see it again before it closes, but for now here’s my thanks to the experience!

By the way, I took quite a lot of photos of the ‘Doctor Who Experience’ on that day, didn’t I?! 😀

Thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed the photos! 😀

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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