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Christmas DVD review – ‘The Likely Lads’ (1976 film)


Hello everyone! 🙂

This is a review on one of my Dad’s Christmas presents for this year!

This is the 1976 film of ‘The Likely Lads’, based on the BBC sitcom series, starring James Bolam as Terry and Rodney Bewes as Bob. I enjoyed this film very much and I’m glad that my Dad enjoyed it too, since he was into watching ‘The Likely Lads’ when he was growing up during the 1960s and 70s. Continue reading

Zygon Reviews with Tom Baker

terror-of-the-zygons-dvd dw4d308_zygonhunt_1417_cover_large

Hello everyone! 🙂

Here I bring you two of my latest ‘Doctor Who’ reviews on ‘Bradley’s Basement’ featuring the Zygons. These are shape-shifting monsters that were created by Robert Banks Stewart in 1975. Continue reading