‘TV Review – ‘Sugar Free Farm’ (Season 2)

Hello everyone! 🙂

In January, my parents and I have been watching the documentary series called ‘Sugar Free Farm’. This was on for four weeks shown on Tuesdays on ITV1. It was a documentary series featuring seven celebrities who took on the challenge to eat a sugar-free diet and work at a farm in the countryside.

My parents suggested we watch this documentary series in order to find ways of improving our diets and to take examples from the celebrities working at the farm. But the highlight of this documentary series for me was seeing Peter Davison, the Fifth Doctor of ‘Doctor Who’, who took on the challenge.

I was surprised and pleased to see Peter in this documentary series, as he’s one of my favourite Doctors from ‘Doctor Who’. I’ve also met Peter in real-life at a number of ‘Doctor Who’ conventions. I’m looking forward to seeing Peter again and chat with him on his experiences at ‘Sugar Free Farm’.

The other celebrities in the programme were reality TV star Gemma Collins, the Stavros Flately father-and-son dance duo, TV presenter Alison Hammond, actor/comedian Joe Pasquale and former politician Ann Widdecombe. It was very interesting to see how all of the celebrities took part in this.

I found myself laughing and commentating through each of the four episodes of this series of ‘Sugar Free Farm’, when watching how the celebrities coped on a sugar-free diet during the two weeks they spent on the Sugar Free Farm. It also raised some insight for me to reflect on my own eating habits.

I was anxious for Peter when he suffered illness towards the end of the first episode and had to go to hospital, meaning a brief departure from the Sugar Free Farm. But thankfully he returned triumphantly in the second episode and continued the challenge. I was so relieved to see him again.

‘Sugar Free Farm’ has been a very enjoyable documentary series featuring seven celebrities on a sugar-free diet at a farm. The highlight was seeing Peter Davison in this and I enjoyed some of the live-out moments between the celebrities when they worked on the farm and coped with the diet.

I’m wondering now whether I’ll take an example from this documentary series and work on a sugar-free diet. Has Peter Davison’s take on the challenge inspired me to eat less sugary and processed foods? My parents and I are now trying to change our diets and eat more healthily. Will this work?!

If you’ve missed or haven’t seen the latest series of ‘Sugar Free Farm’ on TV, you can see the four episodes now currently available on ITV Hub here – http://www.itv.com/hub/sugar-free-farm/2a3909


Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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