‘Finding Sarah Sutton’

Hello everyone! 🙂

Here’s another little treat to add to this week on ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ for you to enjoy! 🙂

The highlight of the ‘Enlightenment’ DVD for me was the ‘Finding Sarah Sutton’ interview. I don’t understand why it’s not on the ‘Terminus’ DVD as it would have suited that story instead of ‘Enlightenment’. But it was coupled with the ‘Finding Mark Strickson‘ interview so I don’t really mind that.

At the ‘Timey Wimey 1’ convention in Brighton, November 2014, I asked Sarah to sign the DVD cover of ‘Enlightenment’ for me. Sarah was happy to and she signed the back of the DVD cover where her interview was displayed. I’m very pleased, especially since Sarah as Nyssa isn’t in ‘Enlightenment’ at all.

‘Finding Sarah Sutton’ is a lovely ‘Doctor Who’ DVD interview with the actress who played Nyssa of Traken. Sarah shares her memories of being an actress in this interview. This includes her various works like ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ and ‘The Moon Stallion’ before starring in ‘Doctor Who’.

Also in the interview, Sarah talks about her work in the Big Finish audios she’s done as Nyssa in ‘Doctor Who’. I liked it when three CD covers of her audios as Nyssa were shown in the interview including ‘The Land of the Dead’, ‘Primeval’ and ‘Circular Time’. They are some my favourites audios!

I’m pleased the ‘Finding Sarah Sutton’ interview is available to see on the ‘Enlightenment’ DVD. At the end of the interview, I had the impression that Sarah thinks that no-one will remember her as Nyssa. Well, after the conventions I’ve seen her at, I’ll always remember Sarah! 😀

Thanks for watching and reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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