‘The Nyssa Challenge’ – Phase 5 Schedule

Hello everyone! 🙂

The fourth phase of ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ has been completed already! That was quick! 😀

Fifty-six weeks in (it was fifty-three, three weeks ago!) and we’ve now arrived at the fifth and final phase of ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ which will start next week!

The fourth phase of ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ focused on Nyssa’s life after the Doctor and the TARDIS following ‘Terminus’. It was a brief phase, but it featured interesting stories including the audio story ‘The Five Companions’, the book ‘Asylum’ and the audio story ‘Circular Time: Winter’.

Thanks again to those who have shared their thoughts on my recent reviews on Nyssa stories in ‘The Nyssa Challenge’, by leaving comments on them. The fifth and final phase of the challenge is now all about the older Nyssa story arc with Nyssa reuniting with the Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Turlough after 50 years.

Next week, I will be starting the fifth phase with ‘Cobwebs’ in ‘The Nyssa Challenge’. All of the stories featured in this phase are full-cast audio stories, with the exception of ‘The Monkey House’ as that is the only Short Trip audio to feature the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough with the other Nyssa.

The list below contains the series of adventures with the older Nyssa, the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Turlough. This is what I call ‘Season 20b’. These Nyssa stories are in chronological order.

Here’s what’s to come in the fifth phase of ‘The Nyssa Challenge’.

5. Nyssa with the Fifth Doctor, Tegan Jovanka and Turlough (Season 20b)

  • Week 57 (27/02/17) – ‘Cobwebs’ (Audio)
  • Week 58 (06/03/17) – ‘The Whispering Forest’ (Audio)
  • Week 59 (13/03/17) – ‘The Cradle of the Snake’ (Audio)
  • Week 60 (20/03/17) – ‘Heroes of Sontar’ (Audio)
  • Week 61 (27/03/17) – ‘Kiss of Death’ (Audio)
  • Week 62 (03/04/17) – ‘Rat Trap’ (Audio)
  • Week 63 (10/04/17) – ‘The Emerald Tiger’ (Audio)
  • Week 64 (17/04/17) – ‘The Jupiter Conjuction’ (Audio) with The Monkey House’ (ST/Audio)
  • Week 65 (24/04/17) – ‘The Butcher of Brisbane’ (Audio)
  • Week 66 (01/05/17) – ‘Eldrad Must Die!’ (Audio)
  • Week 67 (08/05/17) – The Lady of Mercia’ (Audio)
  • Week 68 (15/05/17) – Prisoners of Fate’ (Audio)
  • Week 69 (22/05/17) – ‘Mistfall’ (Audio)
  • Week 70 (29/05/17) – Equilibrium’ (Audio)
  • Week 71 (05/06/17) – ‘The Entropy Plague’ (Audio)

Thanks again for your continuing support on ‘The Nyssa Challenge’!

Join me next week for ‘Cobwebs’!

Bye for now!

Tim 🙂

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