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‘Junglos 4198’ – Part One

Hello everyone! 🙂

‘The Salvador Trilogy’ continues! 🙂

Today, it’s time to visit the planet Junglos as the Doctor, Nyssa and Billy begin a new adventure in ‘Junglos 4198’, the second story of ‘The Salvador Trilogy’ in ‘The Fifth Doctor by Tim Bradley’ series. ‘Part One’ of ‘Junglos 4198’ is now available on ‘Bradley’s Basement’! Continue reading

CD review – ‘Forty-Five’ (Doctor Who)


Hello everyone! 🙂

My CD review of ‘Forty-Five’ is now on ‘Bradley’s Basement’! This is an exciting Big Finish audio CD release containing four single episode stories! The CD stars Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor with Sophie Aldred as Ace and Philip Olivier as Hex. Continue reading

The Ood, the Beast, the Abzorbaloff, the Isolus, the Daleks and the Cybermen with David Tennant

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Today, I’ve posted four new DVD reviews on four ‘Doctor Who’ stories starring David Tennant as the Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler. Continue reading

Week 55 – ‘The Nyssa Challenge’


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This week on ‘The Nyssa Challenge’, it’s time for an unusual reunion! Nyssa after ‘Terminus’ reunites with the Fourth Doctor before he met her in ‘The Keeper of Traken’, as they visit Oxford in 1278 in ‘Asylum’! 🙂

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New ‘Doctor Who’ Timelines for February 2017

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I’ve added seven new ‘Doctor Who Timelines’ to my ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog for February 2016. These new timelines are for six companions and one ally in ‘Doctor Who’!

Please feel free to check out these new timelines! Continue reading

The TARDIS, Marco Polo, the Voord and the Aztecs with William Hartnell

edgeofdestruction Marco Polo CD Cover keysofmarinus aztecs

Hello everyone! 🙂

Today, I’ve posted four new ‘Doctor Who’ reviews starring William Hartnell as the Doctor. Continue reading

Week 54 – ‘The Nyssa Challenge’


Hello everyone! 🙂

Here’s a special story on ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ this week! Let’s see what happens to Nyssa after ‘Terminus’ as she reunites with the Fifth Doctor, along with Ian, Steven, Sara and Polly as they face Daleks, Sontarans and dinosaurs in ‘The Five Companions’! 🙂 Continue reading

DVD review – ‘The Five Doctors’ (Doctor Who)


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To prepare for ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ tomorrow with ‘The Five Companions’, I’ve added my ‘Doctor Who’ DVD review on ‘The Five Doctors’ today on ‘Bradley’s Basement’! Continue reading

‘The Nyssa Challenge’ – Phase 4 Schedule

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Three phases of ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ completed; fifty-three weeks in and we’ve now finished all the TV stories of Nyssa in ‘Doctor Who’ from ‘The Keeper of Traken’ to ‘Terminus’! I’m saddened there aren’t anymore TV stories with Nyssa! 😦

But maybe… Continue reading