New Nyssa Painting from ‘Snakedance’ by Timelord007

nyssa snakedance timelord007

Hello everyone! 🙂

Check out this new painting of Nyssa, my favourite ‘Doctor Who’ companion from ‘Snakedance’ on my blog!

nyssa snakedance timelord007

This painting was done by Simon Rogers (Timelord007), who supports my ‘Doctor Who’ reviews and stories on ‘Bradley’s Basement’. Simon knows my love for Nyssa, Sarah Sutton and ‘Doctor Who’. I’m very pleased he did this Nyssa painting for me and it was a very nice surprise indeed!

Simon has done paintings of ‘Doctor Who’ characters on his Google+ page including the Doctors; Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, David Tennant, etc. I didn’t except Simon to do this Nyssa painting for me as it wasn’t asked for. I’ve been so busy with adding new stuff to my blog that all this time Simon had been doing this Nyssa painting for me! 😀

I’m very pleased with the gesture from Simon. It’s a lovely painting of Nyssa from ‘Snakedance’ and as before he’s captured Sarah Sutton’s likeness superbly. The colour-scheme that Simon uses is remarkably similar to the one seen in the original photograph of this Sarah Sutton/Nyssa picture.

With kind permission, Simon has allowed me to share this painting of Sarah Sutton as Nyssa from ‘Snakedance’ here on ‘Bradley’s Basement’.

Thanks Simon. Really love this Nyssa painting!

Here are Simon’s other Nyssa-related paintings that he’s done for me in the past in 2016. These include a Nyssa painting from ‘Time-Flight’ and a ‘Black Orchid’ painting. Enjoy!

I wonder whether Simon will do a painting on one of my ‘Fifth Doctor by Tim Bradley’ stories next! 😀

Tim. 🙂

4 thoughts on “New Nyssa Painting from ‘Snakedance’ by Timelord007

  1. Timelord007

    That’s such kind comments from you Tim you flatter me, I tried to capture Nyssa looking slightly subdued in this picture as I find her character even when relaxing in the Tardis carries the weight of the universe on her shoulders..

    I painted this for you because your a genuine nice bloke & a kind hearted person who has supported my reviews & posts about Doctor Who past & present & I wanted to give you a nice surprise.

    I do think the colours are shade brighter than I would have liked as I now look at the contrast of the painting which I thinks looks a little too bright.

    I have a love/loathe relationship with my artwork as I’m overly self critical but I’m glad you like the painting & who knows I may paint one of your stories one day.

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  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Hi Simon.

    Thanks for sharing your insight and how you came about to doing this painting for Nyssa. I like how your inspiration for Nyssa in this painting as she carries the weight of the universe on her shoulders.

    I’m very pleased my support of your reviews and posts about ‘Doctor Who’ have been meant a lot to you. Your support on my ‘Doctor Who’ reviews and stories and other items has equally been invaluable to me too.

    There you go criticising yourself, Simon. Your paintings are really good. I’m glad you approve of me sharing your Nyssa paintings on my blog as I really like them.

    I look forward to the day when you paint one of my ‘Doctor Who’ stories for my blog. 😀

    Many thanks!

    Tim. 🙂


  3. darrowby85

    A link to this post just came up in my WordPress Reader even though it’s from a couple of months ago – anyway, I just wanted to say that this painting is lovely! I’d love to know more about the technique you used, Timelord007.

    I know artists tend to be critical of their own work but I really don’t think the contrast is too bright here. The original outfit itself is quite bright but you have managed to keep the brightness toned down enough that the highlight is on Nyssa’s face, as it should be.

    By the way, I think I also like this outfit best out of all of Nyssa’s costumes. It is indeed very bright and perhaps the two different sets of stripes are a bit too much, but I think it is pretty typical of 1980s fashion in that respect. I remember wearing something pretty similar back when I was a kid in the 80s – a skirt with blue stripes and multicoloured fruit on it, I think! The top half of the outfit, in particular, is very nice. I like the combination of blue and white and I think having the light colours next to her face sets off her delicate facial features very well. The dark velvet outfit that Nyssa wore for most of her episodes just felt a little too heavy and ‘old’ for such a young character, especially with the long curly hair framing her face. I also didn’t like the last outfit she wore because it was a dreary sort of colour and too revealing. I’d love to see some of the 80s companions in more flattering modern-day costumes.

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    1. Timelord 007

      Many thanks I’m glad you like the painting, i use either paint pens or illustration inks on my artwork, i wanted tk capture Nyssa deep in tbought & a little subdued which i hope comes through in this illustration.

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