Theatre Review – ‘Gaslight’

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Last Tuesday, my parents and I went to see ‘Gaslight’ at the New Theatre in Cardiff. I greatly enjoyed this theatre production of the story, finding it gripping, scary and also funny at the same time. The play was divided into two acts. The first act seemed shorter than the second as it went by so quickly.

I had seen the 1944 film version of ‘Gaslight’ with Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman in it. I even watched the film with my parents on the night before seeing this theatre play at the New Theatre. It was an interesting and unusual experience to see how ‘Gaslight’ was portrayed for the theatre stage.

‘Gaslight’ was originally a theatre play by Patrick Hamilton in 1938. I found how different both the theatre production and the film version of ‘Gaslight’ were. The characters’ names were different, although Elizabeth and Nancy were the same. Also the inspector was rather older compared to the film version.

The story is a suspense thriller mystery about a woman who thinks she’s going mad when losing familiar objects in the house that she and her husband live in London. Eventually a police inspector calls at the house. He tells the woman that she isn’t going mad and her husband isn’t what he seems.

I enjoyed the performances of Kara Tointon as Bella Manningham, the victim of the story and also Rupert Young as Jack Manningham, Bella’s husband. I especially enjoyed Keith Allen’s performance as the police inspector Rough, who delivered both the comedy and serious aspects to the character.

I discovered how the story’s structure seemed to be in this Victorian thriller mystery in theatre form compared to the film. There were lines I recognised from the film into the theatre version, but most of the play focuses on the actual mystery solving between the inspector Rough and the victim Bella.

There was quite a saucy scene between Jack Manningham and Nancy in the theatre play that wasn’t shown in the 1944 film. I’m not sure how appropriate that scene was, considering it seemed a bit over-the-top and it should have been subtle. It was disturbing though seeing Jack and Nancy in that scene.

‘Gaslight’ at the New Theatre in Cardiff last Tuesday was a great night-out for me and my parents. I especially enjoyed this theatre production of the same story after watching the 1944 film. It was unusual to see this theatre version of ‘Gaslight’ but the performances of the cast were superb in this.

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Tim. 🙂

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