Good Friday 2017

Hello everyone! 🙂

The Easter Weekend has come at last!

Today it’s Good Friday and it’s time to share the true meaning of Easter! Check out this LEGO version of the Easter story here!

For many, Good Friday is a day off work with hot cross buns to eat and a precursor to the Easter Holidays. For me as a Christian, it’s also a day to remember God’s son, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to save our sins. Three days later, Jesus rose to life, making it an amazing and wonderful story!

This blog post contains a YouTube video about ‘The Easter Story’ in LEGO mode. This is the ‘Lego Easter Story’! I saw this LEGO version of ‘The Easter Story’ last year on YouTube! It’s made by BW Animations and is well-made with stop-motion animation. I felt very moved and touched from seeing this!

BW Animations also did the ‘Lego – The Birth of Jesus’ video which you can find on ‘Day 24 – Bradley’s Basement Advent Calendar 2016’. I like BW Animation’s re-telling of ‘The Easter Story’ since it’s presented like a silent film with incidental music and also includes my favourite Bible verse.

My favourite Bible verse is “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life!” John Chapter 3 verse 16. This Bible verse is very important to me as I know Jesus will take us up into his kingdom to be with him forever!

‘The Easter Story’ is a bleak story at first as Jesus’ disciples thought it was the end of him when he died on the cross. But it’s reassuring at the end, as the story tells of how Jesus loved us and that we can all be saved by him. I love ‘The Easter Story’ and enjoy hearing it again and again while at church.

I hope you enjoy this LEGO version of ‘The Easter Story’ today on Good Friday!

Happy Easter everyone!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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