TV Review – ‘Knock Knock’ (Doctor Who)

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I saw this ‘Doctor Who’ episode while I was away last weekend at ‘The Capitol II’ convention in Gatwick. I enjoyed ‘Knock Knock’ very much! This is a tense, gripping episode by newcomer to the series, Mike Bartlett. It’s also a haunted house tale with the Doctor, Bill and some young people in it!

‘Knock Knock’ (and I refuse to say “Who’s there?” here) features Bill with five students staying at a large mansion run by the mysterious Landlord. The floorboards and walls creak and each of Bill’s friends gets picked off one by one. But the Doctor is there to stay and find out what’s going on here.

This episode is notable for featuring special guest star David Suchet, well-known for his starring role in the ITV series of Agatha Christie’s ‘Poriot’. I enjoyed his performance as the Landlord in this episode. He balanced the mystery and the sinister quality required for the character during the tale.

I also enjoyed the performances of the five students appearing alongside Bill in this episode. There’s Mandeep Dhillon as Shireen, Bart Suavek as Pavel, Colin Ryan as Harry, Alice Hewkin as Felicity and Ben Presley as Paul. I liked the character moments featured from these five students in the episode.

There’s also Mariah Gale as Eliza, the mysterious daughter of the Landlord’s made out of wood. I liked the twisty-turn revelations about Eliza and what her actual connection to the Landlord was. It was interesting to hear about the Dryads in this, which made me think of ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’.

There were lots of creepy moments going on through this episode that made for tense drama and character interaction. I enjoyed it when Bill tried to get rid of the Doctor, not thinking there was a mystery to solve in the mansion. The Doctor was determined to stay on, despite Bill’s best attempts.

‘Knock Knock’ is one of the best episodes from Series 10 of ‘Doctor Who’ so far. I liked the haunted house atmosphere in this episode. I will need to re-watch this again to get a clearer understanding of the story. But I did enjoy David Suchet as he stood out for me with his performance as the Landlord.

The episode ends with the Doctor taking over Nardole’s duties from guarding the vault and he opens it to have dinner with a prisoner playing a piano inside. Just what is this prisoner in the vault story arc all about then? Is it the Master? Or Missy?! Will we find out more on this at the end of Series 10?

Next week’s episode is called ‘Oxygen’ by Jamie Mathieson.

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2 thoughts on “TV Review – ‘Knock Knock’ (Doctor Who)

  1. Great reviews Tim, i enjoyed this episode but thoughtcall the good work was undone by resurrecting Bills friends at the end, once again Moffats era can’t kill off characters & the ending copped out bigtime doing this making for another reset syrupy conclusion which is a shame because up until then i had this as a 9/10 but not I’d rate it 7/10

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  2. Hi Simon.

    Glad you enjoyed my review on ‘Knock Knock’. Yes this episode was pretty enjoyable throughout.

    Yeah I can see that the episode did end as usual with all the characters surviving at the end of ‘Knock Knock’, as is usually the case with every Steven Moffat era story. But I didn’t mind that so much in this episode, since it was by a new writer to the series and it made sense to me to have the characters survive once Eliza repaired the damaged caused by the Landlord in the episode.

    The issue with ‘everyone lives’ by Steven Moffat in his era is that it’s done so many times now with no sense of tension or drama. It happened with Clara’s demise in ‘Hell Bent’ since it’s unclear whether she’s alive or dead and that she’s now travelling in a TARDIS with Ashildr. Also with Danny’s ‘demise’ in ‘Death in Heaven’, it never gets resolved as to where/when he is on ‘the other side’ as there could have been potential for Clara to go out there to rescue Danny. But no. Steven Moffat doesn’t seem to have done that…at least not yet.

    Because this episode is by Mike Bartlett and it’s his first contribution to the ‘Doctor Who’ TV series, I can forgive him for having his characters resurrected at the end and somehow it made sense to me to have them all appear at the end. It’s not done in an overly complicated timey-wimey manner as is often the case with Steven Moffat’s ‘Doctor Who’ episodes.

    I’m looking forward to seeing ‘Oxygen’ tomorrow. Thanks for your comments on my review, Simon.

    Have you seen my latest convention report at ‘The Capitol II’ from last weekend?

    Tim. 🙂


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