TV Review – ‘The Pyramid at the End of the World’ (Doctor Who)

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I’ve seen ‘The Pyramid at the End of the World’! This episode is by Peter Harness and Steven Moffat. Peter Harness contributed to ‘Doctor Who’ in Series 8 with ‘Kill The Moon’ and Series 9 with ‘The Zygon Invasion’/’The Zygon Inversion’. This is the second of the three-part Monks’ invasion story arc.

In the episode, the Doctor with Bill and Nardole investigate a mysterious ancient pyramid that appeared overnight in Asia. The pyramid is the base of operations for the corpse-like Monks, seen previously in ‘Extremis’. They offer the humans to let them take over the Earth, if they consent to it.

My honest opinion about this episode?…(sighs)…Oh dear! Oh dear! This episode didn’t work for me. It felt really flat and uninspired. This is supposed to be another invasion of Earth story, yet I felt very unhappy. I didn’t follow what was going on in the tale and the characters were talking at a fast pace!

As far as I’m able to gather, the Monks have this ability to control time and set a doomsday clock for ‘the end of the world’. How they’re able to do this is beyond me. But it seems to me that by having the humans giving their consent, the Monks will take over and soon have the world for themselves.

The Doctor constantly warns the humans about not giving their consent to the Monks. But the human representatives in the military seem determined to give their consent. But the Monks are able to see through the humans and kill them by turning them into dust. This I admit is disturbing to see!

There’s also this sub-plot going on with the two scientists Erica and Douglas whilst the main plot with the pyramid takes place in the episode. The science lab sub-plot feels…rather detached for me, and it’s only until the Doctor makes the connection in the second half of the episode before it’s finished.

There is however one thing about this episode that I liked. Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is still blind and I did wonder how long this plot thread would go on for during Series 10. Eventually the Doctor is trapped behind a door. He can’t open it using the combination key locks since he’s apparently blind.

The Doctor talks to Bill via earphones to reveal the problem, before he admits he lied to her and that he’s still blind since ‘Oxygen’. Bill is annoyed with the Doctor for this, until she makes the decision to ask the Monks for help and gives her consent. The Doctor soon gets his sight back and is able to see.

This however has consequences, as the episode ends on a cliff-hanger with Bill’s ‘act of love’ causing the Monks to take over the world. This was rather confusing for me when I watched the episode. It didn’t have the dramatic effect that it required and I wish more time was spent on that cliff-hanger.

‘The Pyramid at the End of the World’ (crikey, that is a long title!!) is not a ‘Doctor Who’ episode I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. It was happening all so fast and I felt really unsatisfied about what was going on in the story. This Monk story will conclude in the next episode and I’ll be happy when the arc is over.

By the way, my Dad fell asleep during the episode (as usual!!!) 😀

Next week’s episode is called ‘The Lie of the Land’ by Toby Whithouse.

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2 thoughts on “TV Review – ‘The Pyramid at the End of the World’ (Doctor Who)

  1. Your dad fell asleep lol that made me laugh, i actually enjoying this arc as i like the darker stories, i agree with you though the plot is muddled & needed a better narrative & explanation.

    I think the episode implies it’s small things that trigger the biggest catastrophes & we need saving from ourselves?

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  2. Hi Simon.

    Yeah I know. I can’t keep my Dad awake to watch something on TV/DVD these days! 😀

    I know I seem harsh in my review for this episode. Perhaps over time when I come back to reviewing Series 10 and reviewing this episode in particular, I might change my thoughts on it and hopefully be able to enjoy it more. I hope to salvage some enjoyment with the arc in the final episode ‘The Lie of the Land’. It’s just at the moment the way the stories are told and edited together in a fast-paced, ‘muddled’ manner is so frustrating for me.

    I am enjoying Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie’s performances in these episodes though. It’s probably why I’m hanging onto watching this series before its end. I’m currently looking forward to ‘The Empress of Mars’ with the Ice Warriors and the two-part Cybermen story in this series at the moment.

    Thanks for your thoughts, Simon. Glad you enjoyed my review.

    Tim. 🙂


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