TV Review – ‘Empress of Mars’ (Doctor Who)

Hello everyone! 🙂


So is there an episode of Series 10 (so far) in ‘Doctor Who’ that I would consider to be one of my favourites, even if the episode is not a classic by any means? Well actually, yes there is! This one: ‘Empress of Mars’ by Mark Gattis! I honestly enjoyed this ‘Doctor Who’ episode when I saw it on TV. Continue reading


Sarah Sutton (“Nyssa” in Doctor Who) Wine & Dine Interview 2000


Hello everyone! 🙂

Have you seen this before? Well, here it is for you to enjoy again! 🙂

This was a little treat I added to my ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog back in May 2016 for ‘The Nyssa Challenge’! Here’s an exclusive interview with Sarah Sutton as Nyssa in ‘Doctor Who’ for the ‘Wine & Dine’ interview series on YouTube. I love seeing this interview with Sarah, as she’s lovely to see in it! Continue reading