Audio Talk – Top Five 5th Doctor Audio Dramas

Hello everyone! 🙂

This is a re-post of the YouTube video done for me by Elinor Ekman of the ‘Everything and the TARDIS console’ channel!

Back in May 2016, I had a lovely belated birthday present from Elinor that was about Nyssa of Traken called ‘Character Talk – Nyssa of Traken (‘Doctor Who’)’. In October 2016, I had another video request fulfiled by Elinor about her top five favourite Fifth Doctor audio dramas by Big Finish!

Check out Elinor’s video on her top five favourite Fifth Doctor audio dramas! I’m sure you’ll enjoy this!

I’ve made some video requests to Elinor about certain things she liked about ‘Doctor Who’, so that they could be shown on her YouTube channel.

I’m so pleased that Elinor has done this video for me about her top-list on her favourite Fifth Doctor audios. I’m very glad to see my name given in the end credits of this video, as I was the one who requested the video. I also enjoyed seeing Elinor talk about her favourite Fifth Doctor audios.

It was interesting to hear Elinor’s thoughts on the top five Fifth Doctor audios that she liked. They were interesting choices, as she identified the audios from 1 to 5 including ‘Omega’, ‘Psychodrome’, ‘Eldrad Must Die!’, ‘The Church and the Crown’ and ‘Spare Parts’. I have listened to all of these five audio stories myself and have reviewed them all on my blog.

I also enjoyed and liked the additions of the Big Finish trailers for each of the five audios. It was interesting hearing why Elinor liked these five Fifth Doctor audios so much, especially ‘Omega’. My top-list of five Fifth Doctor audio dramas list differs to Elinor’s, but I’m so glad that she likes ‘Psychodrome’ and ‘Spare Parts’.

Check out Elinor’s other YouTube videos on her ‘Everything and the TARDIS console’ channel, including the video ‘TV Talk – Doctor Who – The Seeds of Doom’. Please feel free to make requests to Elinor on YouTube, as I’m sure she’ll welcome them.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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