Season 17-styled stories of ‘Doctor Who’


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Do you like the Douglas Adams era of ‘Doctor Who’?

Well, here are some reviews by me on some ‘Doctor Who’ stories in the style of Douglas Adams from Season 17. These stories are by two distinguished ‘Doctor Who’ writers – Jonathan Morris and Gareth Roberts. Both have contributed to the Douglas Adams era of the series via books and audio!

Here are the reviews on the ‘Doctor Who’ stories for you to enjoy. There’s ‘The Romance of Crime’, ‘The English Way of Death’ and ‘The Well-Mannered War’ by Gareth Roberts. And there’s ‘The Beautiful People’, ‘Festival of Death’ and ‘Babblesphere’ by Jonathan Morris. Click on the links to enjoy reading and commenting on my ‘Doctor Who’ reviews.

My reviews on ‘The Romance of Crime’, ‘The English Way of Death’ and ‘The Well-Mannered War’ contain reviews on the audio adaptations of the stories by Big Finish. There’s also a review on the book of ‘The English Way of Death’ with my review on its audio adaptation.


There’s also my review on the audio adaptation ‘Damaged Goods’ by Russell T. Davies that was released with ‘The Well-Mannered War’ in the ‘Novel Adaptations, Vol. 2’ box set.

‘The Beautiful People’ is one of the Companion Chronicles with Lalla Ward; ‘Festival of Death’ is one of the BBC Past Doctor Adventures with the Fourth Doctor, Romana and K-9 and ‘Babblesphere’ is the fourth story in the ‘Destiny of the Doctor’ series.

You can purchase the book stories of ‘The English Way of Death’ and ‘Festival of Death’ either from or

You can also purchase the audio stories of ‘The Romance of Crime’; ‘The English Way of Death’; ‘The Well-Mannered War’; ‘The Beautiful People’ and ‘Babblesphere’ either from; or the Big Finish website.


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