The Big Finish Podcast – Sarah Sutton (August 2017)

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

I had a lovely surprise yesterday when I checked out the Big Finish website. The latest Big Finish podcast featured a new interview with Sarah Sutton (Nyssa in ‘Doctor Who’). I was so happy to see this and instantly listened to the podcast once I saw it. It was a gift for me to hear my favourite ‘Doctor Who’ companion again!

And what good timing it is too for me! As well as repeating one of my ‘Doctor Who’ fan-fiction stories called ‘The Space Hotel’ on my blog, I’m looking forward to seeing Sarah Sutton with Peter Davison again at the ‘York Unleashed’ comic con this coming weekend. This podcast came at the right time for me!

Listening to Sarah’s interview in the latest Big Finish podcast has given me inspiration for what I want to say to her next time I see her. Beforehand, there were two podcast interviews with Sarah in September and November last year. This is the third podcast interview with Sarah already and it’s good!

Here’s what I enjoyed hearing from Sarah’s interview in the podcast, conducted by Karen Parks. Sarah mentioned she had recorded three new ‘Doctor Who’ audios lately. I knew this already, since I chatted to Sarah on it recently at Salisbury as well as Matthew Waterhouse in London last weekend.

Sarah talked about her love of gardening in the interview. It was lovely to hear Sarah talk about this subject and she mentioned reading the ‘Gardener’s World’ magazine as her time of pleasure. I would like to see photos of Sarah’s garden someday! 😀 I hope to chat to Sarah about gardening next time.

Lately, Sarah shared her enjoyment of the theatre. This included seeing Michael Cochrane in a production of ‘Nell Gwynn’ as well as seeing a musical production of ’42nd Street’ on her daughter’s birthday. It was lovely to hear Sarah enjoying the dancing in the production and smiling away from it.

In the interview, Sarah mentioned she was going to go on holiday in September to Croatia. I hope she has a good time! 😀 I also enjoyed it when Sarah shared how envious she was about Peter Davison and director Barnaby Edwards having an iPad Pro, as she also wants to have an iPad Pro. 😀

Having heard the latest Big Finish podcast with Sarah Sutton being interviewed has made me look forward more to seeing her with Peter Davison at the ‘York Unleashed’ event. I hope I’ll get share what I’ve enjoyed hearing her say in the interview. I do hope I’ll get to chat to her about her garden.

Here is a link to Sarah Sutton’s interview in the latest Big Finish podcast – 2017-08-07 Sarah Sutton and Third Doctor.


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Bye for now!

Tim  🙂

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