Holiday Report – Amroth (September 2017)

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

Last year in September 2016, I went on my summer holiday with my parents to Amroth in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. This year in September 2017, I went on my summer holiday with my parents to…Amroth in Pembrokeshire, West Wales! I need to go somewhere different next year! 😀

Yes, my parents and I stayed at the caravan at the caravan park next to Amroth Castle where we went to last year. We enjoyed Amroth a lot last year and it was nice to go back there and have another relaxing week from Sunday the 10th to Thursday the 14th of September. Was our second holiday to Amroth in West Wales better than last year? Well…yes. But it was more or less the same.

The weather wasn’t particularly good as we had a mixture of wet and sunny days. We also had one or two stormy nights whilst we were staying at the caravan. But that didn’t stop us from our enjoying our holiday and seeing those sights that we saw last year as well as seeing some new ones.

My Dad and I took some photos of the holiday we had in Amroth this year, using the digital camera. We took a lot of photos of our holiday. Let me share with you some of the highlights of our family holiday this year and discover how it compares to the holiday from last year. Will it be any different?

On Monday, we visited the Colby Woodland Garden, owned by the National Trust. This was different to last year, as we didn’t do anything on the first day in the 2016 Amroth holiday because of bad weather. This time, we went somewhere on the first day and saw more of Colby Woodland Garden.

We took some new photos of the walled garden; the gazebo, the obelisk and the woodland areas where we walked. I had a photo of me acting as Turlough from ‘Mawdryn Undead’ with the obelisk and photos with my parents on the day. We also had cheese and ham sandwiches for lunch. Yummy!

On Tuesday, my parents and I walked from Amroth through to Wiseman’s Bridge to Saundersfoot. Last year, we didn’t see much of Saundersfoot as that was on the last day of our holiday. This year, we were able to explore more of Saundersfoot and to also see the harbour that was there that day.

From Wiseman’s Bridge to Saundersfoot, my parents and I went through the scary tunnel that we went through last year. As well as taking photos of the harbour in Saundersfoot, I also had a nice sausage and chips meal for lunch at the Marina restaurant. The weather was very good on that day.

On Wednesday (as we did last year), my parents and I took a bus trip to Tenby. The weather was pretty good and was the best day of our holiday. We got to enjoy walking the beach (no paddling in the sea sadly). We also had a nice brunch at lunch time and had ice creams with flakes later that day.

We also visited the Tudor Merchant’s House, owned by the National Trust in Tenby. Despite having three floors, there wasn’t much to see. Don’t get me wrong, the historical value was interesting and there was an interesting tour guide in the kitchen on the ground floor. But it didn’t stand out for me.

Like before last year, my cuddly toy dog pets Cuddles and Puddles joined my parents and me on our Amroth holiday. Cuddles got to join us for Saundersfoot and even wore a pair of new blue sunglasses I purchased. Cuddles and Puddles also got to have their photo taken on the rocks of the Tenby beach.

In the evenings, my parents and I enjoyed listening to ‘Alien Heart’/‘Dalek Soul’ with Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton on my MP3 player. We also watched three movies on my tablet including ‘Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory’, ‘Postman Pat: The Movie’ and the first ‘Back to the Future’ film.

On the last day of our holiday on Thursday, my parents and I visited Wiseman’s Bridge via bus. We went on a footpath walk from Wiseman’s Bridge to the Kilgetty Iron Works, which were intriguing. We also had lunch at the Wiseman’s Bridge Inn. I had a hunter’s chicken jacket potato meal. Yummy!

Our holiday finished with walking back from Wiseman’s Bridge to Amroth. My parents had coffee and Danish pastries whilst I had an ice cream with a flake before we set off back to our caravan. We then headed off back home. It was nice to spend most of our last day of the holiday before we left.

The Amroth family holiday was pretty good this year! It was just as good as the first Amroth holiday in 2016. I enjoyed relaxing and catching up on my sleep that week. It was also nice to see the sights that we saw from last year as well as seeing some new ones, despite the mixed weather that week.

Where will we go for our family holiday next year?! We’ll have to wait and see!

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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