Quick DVD review – ‘Winchester ’73’

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I decided to a quick review on this 1950 movie for my Dad after we watched it last Saturday!

‘Winchester ’73’ is a film starring James Stewart, who has been in a number of Frank Capra-directed films; Alfred Hitchcock-directed films and was in ‘The Glenn Miller Story’ 1954 film with June Allyson. This is a Wild West movie featuring James Stewart who tries to get his hands on a one-of-a-kind rifle.

James Stewart stars as Lin McAdam, a frontiersman tracking his father’s murderer. He wins the Winchester ’73 one-of-a-kind rifle during a shooting competition, only to have it stolen by the man who killed his father. That man happens to be Stephen McNally as his brother, Dutch Henry Brown.

I saw this film before when it was on TV during one Christmas time. It’s considered an enduring classic in the genre of Wild West films. It also features one of James Stewart’s best performances. I enjoyed James Stewart in the role of a Wild West film since he has done many films like this before.

James Stewarts stars as the moral hero in the movie. Co-starring with James Stewart is Shelly Winters as Lola Manners. Lola is a typical blonde girl of the Wild West genre films. She may be a potential love interest for James Stewart’s character, although that’s not fully developed in this film.

The film also features a diverse group of desperate characters with the Winchester ’73 gun passing to and fro among them. They include Dan Duryea as crazed highway man Waco Johnnie Dean; John McIntire as immoral gunrunner Joe Lamont and Rock Hudson as the savage Indian chief, Young Bull.

There was also Will Geer as Wyatt Earp, who is a significant character in American history during the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, as depicted in the ‘Doctor Who’ story, ‘The Gunfighters’. It was nice to revisit this classic American Wild West film and I enjoyed watching James Stewart in ‘Winchester ’73’.

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