Movie Review – ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ (2017)

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I’ve seen the 2017 film adaptation of ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ by Agatha Christie! And it was very good! I found myself enjoying this film. It felt like a traditional murder mystery without the need to add sensational moments; gory violence and sex scenes that I’ve seen in other adaptations.

‘Murder on the Orient Express’ was directed by and starred Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poriot. I love Kenneth Branagh’s performance as Poriot, especially with that bushy moustache he has in the movie. He gets the balance of humour and drama in Poriot’s performance just right when solving the murder.

I’m amazed Kenneth Branagh directed this movie as well as starring in it. I think it works well here, especially since he appreciates the original work and spirit of Agatha Christie’s murder mystery novel as well as adding modern elements to it. The cinematography and atmosphere of this movie is great!

As well as Kenneth Branagh, this movie features a star-studied cast of actors both from the UK and the USA. The film features celebrities I know very well from other movies and TV shows. This is the highlight of some of these Agatha Christie film/TV adaptations that feature well-known performers.

There’s Johnny Depp; Penélope Cruz; Willem Dafoe (from the ‘Spider-Man’ movies); Judi Dench; Josh Gad (who I’ve seen in the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ 2017 film); Sir Derek Jacobi (who played the Master in ‘Utopia’ from ‘Doctor Who’); Leslie Odom Jr.; Michelle Pfeiffer (who I’ve seen in ‘Batman Returns’ as Catwoman) and Daisy Ridley (who is currently starring in the ‘Star Wars’ sequels trilogy).

There are also stars in the movie that don’t make it to the top of the cast list or on the movie poster that I recognised. There’s Olivia Colman who guest starred in the ‘Doctor Who’ episode, ‘The Eleventh Hour’. There’s also Miranda Raison who guest starred in the ‘Doctor Who’ story, ‘Daleks in Manhattan’/’Evolution of the Daleks’ as well as playing Constance Clarke in the Big Finish audios.

If you know the ‘Murder of the Orient Express’ story like me, you know how the story ends and who committed the murder. It’s been a while since I’ve seen any version of ‘Murder of the Orient Express’ beforehand, but I like how it gets unravelled and how Poriot works it out at the conclusion.

I admit the movie did finish on a downbeat ending, especially when Poriot is considering what he should do when finding out who committed the murder. But in a way, it does make you think about how the movie ends and it strengthens Poriot as an interesting character when he leaves the train.

‘Murder on the Orient Express’ has been a joy at the cinema! I enjoyed this 2017 film adaptation that features some very good performances from the cast. It’s well-directed by Kenneth Branagh who is excellent as Hercule Poriot. I wouldn’t be so surprised if he returned in another Poriot movie!

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Tim. 🙂

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