Week 5 – ‘Star Wars Film Review Season’

Last time in ‘Star Wars Film Review Season’!!!

Princess Leia has stolen the plans for the Death Star! The Galactic Empire chase after her! Darth Vader leads the chase! She gets captured! But we’ve ‘A New Hope’! Two droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO go down to Tatooine! They meet Luke Skywalker! They also meet Obi-Wan Kenobi – now an old man!!!

BUT WAIT! They get extra help! Han Solo and his hairy friend Chewbacca take our heroes to the Death Star! Fly in the Millennium Falcon, they do! They reach Death Star! They rescue Princess Leia! Obi-Wan seems to have had it, as Darth Vader hits him. But the Empire still no get their Death Star plans!

The Rebel Alliance fights back! Death Star, she blows! And a new day dawns for our heroes!

Can this be a triumphant end in ‘Star Wars’? Oh no! We got more movies left, haven’t we?!

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

And now we’ve come to the penultimate film of the ‘Star Wars Film Review Season’! This week, it’s ‘Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back’.

It’s now 3 years later and the fight still goes on for our heroes, Luke Skywalker; Han Solo and Princess Leia as they hope to destroy the Galactic Empire within the Rebel Alliance in this second film of the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy. Will Darth Vader become more troublesome and dangerous here?

Please check out my review on ‘Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back’ by clicking on the link. Please feel free to read and comment on my review.

Well we’ve nearly come to the end of ‘Star Wars Film Review Season’! I’m so excited about next week, as I’m looking forward to reviewing the last film of the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy!

“And there’ll be no crossover review by me and Timelord007 on this film! Do you hear me?! There’s going to be no crossover review! I know Timelord007 is a huge ‘Star Wars’ fan compared to me! But there’ll be no crossover review by me and him! It’s not going to happen! I’m telling you! It’s not…”

Darth Vader: “Are you sure about that, Master Bradley?”

(annoyed) “Darth Vader, what are you doing back here?!” (stops; realises) “Wait a minute! What do you mean? What do you mean when you said…?”

Darth Vader: (interrupts) “Just be prepared, Master Bradley! Just be prepared! The Force is strong where you are!”

With that, Darth Vader leaves…

(calls; to Darth Vader) “Wait a minute, what do you mean?! Darth Vader, come back! Come back!”

But Darth Vader is gone. Tim goes after him.

(shouts; to Darth Vader) “Come back, Vader! Tell me what you mean when you said ‘be prepared’?! Timelord007 is not going to do a ‘Star Wars’ crossover review with me! I’m telling you! It’s not going to happen! COME BACK, VADER! COME BACK WHEN I’M TALKING TO YOU! COME BACK…”

Stay tuned next week for ‘STARS WARS: EPISODE VI – RETURN OF THE JEDI’
A crossover review by Tim Bradley and Timelord007

3 thoughts on “Week 5 – ‘Star Wars Film Review Season’

  1. Timelord 007

    What?, when, how, did we do a crossover review on Return Of The Jedi? If we did best not mention Kenny Baker, Simon gets very stroppy when Kennys name’s mentioned…why? Arh spoilers tune in next week when all will be revealed & i don’t just mean Princess Leia in that slave outfit.

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