Movie Review – ‘Paddington 2’

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Back in December 2015, I had the movie ‘Paddington’ on DVD for Christmas from my parents! I enjoyed that lovely children’s film about a polite little bear so much that I hoped there would be a sequel on the way! Thankfully there was and I’ve now seen it! ‘Paddington 2’ was worth waiting for!

I enjoyed ‘Paddington 2’ very much at the cinema! It’s an excellent film with a good story featuring a lovely cast of characters. I found the plot easy to follow and was able to engage with the characters. I also enjoyed and laughed at the humorous moments, which is what I was expecting from this film!

‘Paddington 2’ sees the little bear Paddington trying to raise money to buy a pop-up book of London for his Aunt Lucy’s birthday. Unfortunately the pop-up book gets stolen by an actor-turned-criminal. Paddington is accused of the crime and forced to spend time in prison before proving his innocence.

I was pleased to see the cast from the first ‘Paddington’ movie return for this film. This included Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent and of course Peter Capladi! There was also Ben Whishaw returning to voice the role of Paddington Bear and he remains polite and friendly!

There were also a few new faces in the movie I recognised. There was Hugh Grant, who was really good and played the villainous Phoenix Buchanan. There was also Brendan Gleeson who played Knuckles, a safecracker and a prison cook whom Paddington befriends and makes marmalade with.

‘Paddington 2’ is definitely one of my favourite films of 2017 at the cinema! I’m very pleased I saw it and I hope it won’t be long before I see it again. I would like to see it again at the cinema and hope to own the film on DVD when it comes out. Who knows?! They’ll probably do ‘Paddington 3’ next! 😀

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