Day 1 – Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2017

advent day 1 2017

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

It’s Day 1 of ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2017’.

6. The Five Doctors At Christmas

Let’s begin with ‘Part One’ of the ‘Doctor Who’ Short Trip, ‘The Five Doctors At Christmas’. This first episode is part of ‘The Second Doctor’s Story’ segment of the adventure and features the Second Doctor with Jamie and Zoe. Find out what happens as the TARDIS lands inside a steam locomotive. 🙂

‘The Second Doctor’s Story’ of ‘The Five Doctors At Christmas’ is set after ‘Brain and Heart’.


Check out what my Day 1 of my ‘Bradley’s Basement Advent Calendar’ for 2015  and 2016 were about!

Tim. 🙂

second doctor - Copy

Part One

The TARDIS materialised inside the storage compartment of a train carriage.

The doors opened and the Doctor stepped out with his companions, Jamie and Zoe. They looked around the area they were in. Thankfully, the TARDIS landed facing outwards to the door leading to the other train carriages.

“So Doctor,” Jamie began to ask him. “Where have we landed this time?”

The Doctor looked curiously about him.

“I’m not sure, Jamie,” he replied. “By the vibrations, we seem to be on board a train. Not sure which train though and what time period we’re in. Possibly a steam locomotive of the 1920s, I should imagine.”

“Steam locomotive?” chorused Jamie and Zoe.

Both the Doctor’s companions were from different time periods and didn’t know what a steam locomotive was. Jamie was from 18th century Scotland and Zoe was from 21st century Earth.

“Yes,” the Doctor replied. “And it seems we didn’t come here deliberately.”

“You mean that temporal energy trace we picked up in the TARDIS?” Zoe enquired.

“Yes Zoe,” the Doctor said. “Something dragged the TARDIS down to the planet and with the use of temporal kinetic force. What exactly that power is and who’s using it is still unclear.”

“But this is Earth,” Jamie declared. “You said so yourself, Doctor.”

“Possibly, Jamie” the Doctor replied; “Quite possibly.”

“Well,” Zoe said eagerly. “Aren’t we going to explore?”

“In a moment, Jamie; Zoe,” The Doctor said, “In a moment.”

The Doctor then turned back to his companions seriously.

“Just remember two things,” he said. Jamie and Zoe nodded their heads appreciatively as the Doctor began to tell them.

“One: no interfering whatsoever while we’re aboard this train,” the Doctor said.

“We understand,” Zoe said.

Jamie shrugged. “Aye, but when has that ever stopped you,” he told him.

“Two,” the Doctor continued, ignoring Jamie’s shrewd remark. “No wandering off. Is that understood? Zoe?”

“Yes Doctor,” Zoe said.

“Jamie?” the Doctor asked his Scottish companion.

“Oh alright,” Jamie mumbled grudgingly, “Just as you say, Doctor. Two things: no interfering and no wandering.”

“Good,” the Doctor said. Then he grinned cheerily and said, “Then let’s go off and explore, shall we?!”

The Doctor shot off ahead with Jamie and Zoe following him, as they left the storage compartment on the train.

“I wonder how many people we’ll see on this train,” the Doctor remarked.

Surprisingly, the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe found the train empty. They went through a number of carriages, as the train sped steadily on the rail-track. But every time they entered a new carriage, there was nobody about. Most of the seats in the carriages were abandoned with personal belongings still remaining.

The TARDIS trio looked out of the windows to see the view. They could see snow had fallen on the rail-tracks. It was a clear cloudy day with the sun shining through. Apart from the vegetation, foliage and trees covered in snow, it seemed peaceful outside.

“Where can everybody have gone to?” Jamie asked, inquisitively.

“It does look peculiar,” Zoe remarked. “There must have been passengers on board. How come they left their personal belongings and why? Did some sort of an emergency happen?”

“Maybe they were abducted,” Jamie suggested, “By a dastardly villain!”

“They could have been transmatted somewhere!” Zoe suggested.

“Hey?” Jamie asked puzzled.

“Transmat, Jamie,” Zoe told him. “It’s a form of teleportation. A form of matter transmission, by moving one form of matter from one place to another…”

“Oh aye, aye,” Jamie replied, clearly bewildered by Zoe’s explanation.

Zoe turned to address the Doctor. “What do you think happened here, Doctor?”

The Doctor looked thoughtful for a moment before he answered. “I’m not sure,” he said. “I certainly would have liked to have joined the party.”

“The party?” Zoe enquired.

“Yes, look about you,” the Doctor continued. “On the dining tables! There are party pieces: hats; ribbons; open crackers – Christmas crackers I might add.”

“Christmas?!” Jamie said, astonished.

“Yes Jamie,” the Doctor replied. “Isn’t it obvious? We’re on a steam locomotive at Christmas time. The snow’s outside to prove it. And we find ourselves in one of the train carriages where…possibly a children’s Christmas party was taking place.”

“You think that children were aboard this train?” Zoe asked.

“It is possible,” said the Doctor. “But as to the circumstances of where the children went…whether they were abducted by transmat or left behind in the snow, I’m not sure.”

“Och,” Jamie swore an oath, “if only there was someone we could ask to tell us what’s going on? Then we mightn’t be so uneasy aboard this chugging beastie.”

“Indeed Jamie,” the Doctor agreed. “Indeed.”

As if on cue, the door to the train carriage they were in opened. The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe turned to see an unusual figure they hadn’t expected to see. It was a tall man, wearing a red coat with a red hat on his head. He had a bristling white beard and white hair underneath his red hat.

The man let out a hearty laugh, once he saw Jamie, Zoe and the Doctor.

“Ho, ho, ho,” Father Christmas said cheerfully, “Merry Christmas to you, dear friends…”


© Tim Bradley, 2017

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