Day 5 – ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2017

advent day 5 2017

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It’s Day 5 of ‘Bradley’s Basement‘s Advent Calendar 2017.

6. The Five Doctors At Christmas

Today we begin ‘The Fourth Doctor’s Story’ of ‘The Five Doctors At Christmas’, the latest ‘Doctor Who’ Short Trip by me as we venture into ‘Part Five’. This segment features the Fourth Doctor, Romana I and K-9 who visit a snowy village in the English countryside for Christmas. Will it be scary?

‘The Fourth Doctor’s Story’ of ‘The Five Doctors At Christmas’ is set after ‘Foundations of Life’.


Check out what my Day 5 of my ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar for 2015 and 2016 were about!

Tim. 🙂

fourth doctor - Copy

Part Five

The TARDIS materialised close to a red phone box in a snowy-covered English village.

The doors opened and the Doctor stepped out with Romana and K-9 behind him. They looked around. Romana was wearing her white dress and white fur coat to keep herself warm from the snowy cold. She brushed her dark hair back with her right hand whilst K-9 waggled his ears. The Doctor adjusted his scarf over his left shoulder.

“Aha!” the Doctor declared ecstatically. “It’s Christmas time! I sense it with the winter air!”

“And of course the fact that it’s snowing, Doctor,” Romana remarked.

“Nonsense,” the Doctor replied. “That aspect never crossed my mind.”

Romana rolled her eyes, as the Doctor walked past her and looked about the place. He then turned to K-9 and knelt down.

“What do you think, K-9?” the Doctor asked. “Where are we, hmm?”

K-9 raised his head and waggled his ears before he answered. “Location unknown, Master,” he replied. “Suggest we are in an English village in the countryside on the planet Earth.”

“Yes,” the Doctor said, “My thoughts exactly!”

“Couldn’t the TARDIS have picked that up when we arrived, Doctor?” Romana asked.

“Oh no, Romana,” the Doctor replied. “The old girl couldn’t. There was that temporal anomaly we came across when we travelled through the vortex. Thus we ended up here!”

Romana nodded, acknowledging the Doctor’s reasoning. She then shrugged her shoulders and put her hands behind her back, examining the English village.

“Well I suppose it could be Christmas time,” Romana remarked.

“Could be Christmas time?!” the Doctor replied, annoyed. “Of course it is! Never doubt it for a moment, Romana! We arrived just in time for the festive season!”

“How can you be so sure?” Romana asked. “Apart from the snow and the winter air, you have no concrete evidence.”

“No concrete…?” the Doctor began, astonished by Romana’s words. “No concrete evidence? No concrete…you obviously haven’t been paying attention, have you? Not listening with your ears.”

“Oh do forgive me, Doctor,” Romana said sweetly through her hint of sarcasm. “Please tell me what it was I neglected to pay attention to.”

“The music, Romana!” the Doctor said “The music!”

“Music?” Romana asked, now puzzled.

“Confirmed,” K-9 acknowledged. “The sound of festive, joyful music belonging to a CD slash digital player on sound speakers is being played.”

Now Romana had to admit it. She could hear the sound of festive, joyful music the same way the Doctor and K-9 had been able to. How come she had failed to notice it until now?

“Well,” Romana began to ask. “What do we do then? Do we follow the sound of the music and explore or do we leave in the TARDIS?” Romana was keen to leave soon.

The Doctor seemed to be considering options for a moment. Romana watched him, trying to maintain her patience. Eventually, the Doctor put on his toothy grin, which Romana knew meant he was being mischievous.

“We’ll follow the music and explore,” the Doctor said eagerly. “Join in the celebrations!”

The Doctor led the way, trailing his long scarf behind him. He turned back to K-9.

“Come along, K-9,” the Doctor said. “Heel! Heel!”

“Affirmative, Master,” K-9 replied.

With that, K-9 trundled after the Doctor deeper into the snowy English village. Romana placed her hands by her sides, wondering if this was such a good idea. But knowing the Doctor, it would be pointless to argue. So she decided to follow.

Eventually, the Doctor, Romana and K-9 came to where the celebrations were being held in the English village.

Some people were sitting around a long table whilst others were standing around it. It was a Christmas party and the festivities were in full swing. Many were eating food at the table, whilst some were dancing to the Christmas songs performed on the CD/digital player through the sound speakers that K-9 had detected earlier.

“They look so happy,” Romana said astonished.

“Of course!” the Doctor replied. “They would be! It’s Christmas!”

“Yes, but,” Romana began, more astonished that the Doctor didn’t seem to notice. “They’re not affected by the cold and the snow whilst having their Christmas party outside.”

The Doctor realised the point Romana was trying to make. The local village residents were happy, yet they didn’t seem bothered by the continual snow that was coming down. This was while they were eating food and dancing to the music.

“Ah! Yes,” the Doctor replied. “Well…they must keep themselves warm with the clothes they’re wearing!” he argued.

“They don’t look like clothes to keep them warm, Doctor,” Romana pointed out again. “The material for their clothes is too thin!”

Again, the Doctor realised this excellent point Romana had made. The local village residents were wearing Christmas pullovers, but they were hardly clothes to keep them warm from the harsh winter weather. None of them were wearing woolly hats or thick coats. This puzzled the Doctor.

“Ah! Yes,” the Doctor repeated. “Good point there, Romana. We’ll make a keen-eyed TARDIS traveller of you yet! Won’t we, K-9?” He asked this final question to the robot dog. The robot dog didn’t answer. He just buzzed, waggling his ears.

“Suggest we join the festivities, Master.” K-9 then said. “Then the answers that you and the Mistress seek will be clearer.”

“He’s right, Doctor,” Romana said. “What harm could there be in asking these people what’s going on?”

“No harm at all,” the Doctor replied cheerfully. “Come on! Let’s join in! I’m peckish!”

With that, the Doctor, Romana and K-9 stepped forward to reach the buffet table…


© Tim Bradley, 2017

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