Day 11 – Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2017

advent day 11 2017

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It’s Day 11 of ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2017’.

6. The Five Doctors At Christmas

The story continues with the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Billy in ‘Part Eleven’ of ‘The Five Doctors At Christmas’ with ‘The Fifth Doctor’s Story’. Last time, the trio had a New York apartment. The Doctor receives a telepathic message one of his future selves before he, Nyssa and Billy get teleported out!

‘The Fifth Doctor’s Story’ of ‘The Five Doctors At Christmas’ is set after ‘Chieftain’s Caves’.


Check out what my Day 11  of my ‘Bradley’s Basement Advent Calendar’ for 2015 and 2016 were about!

Tim. 🙂

billy walker - Copy

Part Eleven

When they woke up, the Doctor, Nyssa and Billy felt disorientated. They got up from a smooth metallic floor. Once on their feet, they realised that they were being contained inside a force-field. The energy barriers felt pretty lethal to the touch.

“Doctor,” Nyssa said, “we’re not in the New York apartment anymore!”

“No,” the Doctor replied. “We’re not. We seem to have been brought here.”

“By whatever it was that trapped us into thinking we’re heroes of New York,” Billy suggested, feeling rather disappointed.

“Exactly,” the Doctor said.

“Silence!” grated a harsh, alien voice.

The Doctor, Nyssa and Billy turned round to see Daleks before them. They were keeping them contained inside the force-field. The Doctor grimaced; Nyssa shuddered and Billy trembled once they saw the metallic foes before them.

“You will remain silent!” grated the Dalek that had just talked to them. “You are the prisoners of the Daleks!”

“I should have known,” the Doctor said bitterly. “You’re always behind every dastardly trap that presents itself to be the real thing but isn’t.”

Nyssa tugged at the Doctor. “Be careful, Doctor,” she said. “The Daleks are easily trigger-happy if you antagonise them.”

“Trust me, Nyssa,” the Doctor reassured her. “I know what I’m doing.”

“You were told to remain silent,” grated the Dalek, who was obviously the group’s leader.

“Or what?” said the Doctor. “You’ll exterminate me? But you would have done that already. No, no. You need to keep me alive for some reason. Some reason to involve time-travel.” The Doctor thought for a moment. “Of course,” he then said. “You lured us in so that we can see we were hailed as heroes in New York for you to capture us. Thus we can do some dirty work of yours to invade the real New York.”

“Invade the real New York?” Billy said surprised. “You mean to say the New York we were in wasn’t real at all?”

“What do you base that theory on, Doctor?” Nyssa asked, curiously.

“Remember the toffees, Nyssa; Billy?” the Doctor reminded his companions. “They were waxwork intimidations! I assume everything else in that New York apartment we were in was Dalek duplicated technology. Aren’t I right?” he addressed this last question to the Dalek leader.

“You are correct,” the Dalek leader said, contemptuously. “The trap was to lure you and your companions into a false sense of security. The trick has done its work. The New York citizen’s praise of you as heroes was a falsehood.”

“But a convincing one at that,” Billy remarked.

“Well it won’t work,” the Doctor said to the Daleks. “We won’t work for you. You can’t make us do what you want us to do to destroy the real New York on the planet Earth. I suspect the New York intimidations we were in was a test ground.”

“You are incorrect, Doctor” the Dalek leader said. “New York on the planet Earth is not our main objective!”

The Doctor looked confused. And felt quite insulted. How could his deductive reasoning be outwitted by the Daleks at that moment?

“What?” he then asked surprised.

“The Daleks need you, Doctor,” the Dalek leader stated. “At least five aspects of you are required in order to complete the Dalek-Cybermen operation on this planet.”

“So you are working with the Cybermen,” Nyssa realised, matter-of-factly.

“How come you lot are working with the Cybermen?” Billy asked. “Usually you work by yourselves. You use people and other alien races, yes. But you exterminate them once you’ve finished with them.”

“Exactly Billy,” Nyssa said, proud to see that Billy was using his brain at that moment. She turned to address the Daleks. “Why are you working with the Cybermen? What do you hope to gain? And why do you want five incarnations of the Doctor?”

“That is not your concern,” the Dalek leader told them.

“It wouldn’t have to do with a certain man of disguise,” the Doctor asked the Dalek leader. “Or a certain little boy named Simon?”

“Silence,” the Dalek leader stated bitterly to the Doctor.

“Only asking,” the Doctor said, feeling bemused.

“You will all remain here in this Dalek base,” the Dalek leader said.

“Somewhere in the fictional New York City I suppose,” the Doctor butted in.

The Dalek leader ignored the Doctor. “Very soon, the Daleks will be triumphant. We shall conquer all of time and space with the acquisition of your five selves, Doctor. We have selected specifically which of your five selves shall be essential in our operation.”

“That’s you and the Cybermen, I take it,” the Doctor enquired.

“Yes,” the Dalek leader replied.

“And this man of disguise we were told about,” the Doctor added.

Nyssa nudged the Doctor and whispered. “Doctor? This man of disguise you mentioned. He wouldn’t be…would he…?”

“Later,” the Doctor said. “I’ll tell you later, Nyssa.”

The Dalek leader again interrupted and addressed the TARDIS trio.

“You three will be taken to your holding cells,” the Dalek leader said. “There we will come to you when you are needed. You and your other selves will assist us!”

“If there’s one thing you should know about me, Dalek,” the Doctor said, “is that you should never expect five of me to willingly obey your commands. As a fivesome we’re a match for you! You’ll see, Daleks! You’ll see!”

The Dalek leader then turned to one of its subordinates. “Take these prisoners to their holding cell at once!”

“I obey,” the Dalek subordinate replied.

The forcefield was taken down and the Doctor, Nyssa and Billy were then escorted away to their holiding cell inside the Dalek base.

Nyssa then nudged the Doctor again. “Doctor,” she whispered. “That man of disguise. It couldn’t be…you don’t think it could be…the Mas-”

The Doctor interrupted Nyssa. “I should say it’s very likely,” he said. “The Daleks and the Cybermen with the Master could be a deadly combination.”

The Doctor, Nyssa and Billy felt very worried indeed…


© Tim Bradley, 2017

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