Day 15 – ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2017

advent day 15 2017

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It’s Day 15 of ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2017.

6. The Five Doctors At Christmas

Today it’s time for ‘Part Fifteen’ of ‘The Five Doctors At Christmas’ story! We continue ‘The Seventh Doctor’s Story’ segment with the Seventh Doctor and Ace. Last time, they explored the abandoned spaceship before the Doctor received a message from his fifth self. Will they find out more answers?

‘The Seventh Doctor’s Story’ of ‘The Five Doctors At Christmas’ is set after ‘The Space Car’.


Check out what my Day 15 of my ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar for 2015 and 2016 were about!

Tim. 🙂

spaceship christmas - Copy

Part Fifteen

After a while, the Doctor suggested to Ace that they should visit sick bay. Perhaps they might find some crewmembers down there, he thought. So that’s what they did.

They entered sick bay to find nobody about. At least that’s what they thought at first.

They found bunk-beds in sick bay occupied with…some things or some people…the Doctor and Ace couldn’t really be sure…and covered with some plastic foil sheets on top.

“It seems this spaceship’s not deserted as we thought, Ace,” the Doctor told his companion.

“Yeah,” Ace replied. “Some of them must have stayed behind in sick-bay whilst everyone else evacuated. But why stay behind?”

Ace approached one of the bunks and was about to uncover one of the patients underneath his or her plastic foil sheet, before the Doctor stopped her with the handle of his question mark umbrella.

“Don’t touch one of the patients, Ace,” the Doctor told her. “We don’t know why they’ve been covered up like this.”

“Oh come off it, Professor,” Ace began to protest.

“They could be contaminated with a lethal disease,” the Doctor interrupted her.

Ace was about to protest further, but then saw the reasoning in his argument.

“Let’s take a look at some of these sleeping crewmembers’ medical records,” the Doctor then suggested.

With that, the Doctor and Ace made their way over to investigate the medical banks on a table near the patients’ bunk-beds. The Doctor sat at the table and Ace took a spare chair to sit beside him. The Doctor switched the computer terminal on and began accessing the medical records aboard the spaceship. A moment of silence ensued. Ace waited as the Doctor went through the computer records for a while.

“Do you know what you’re looking for?” Ace asked him.

“Nearly there, Ace,” the Doctor told her. “Nearly there.”

Eventually, the Doctor found something that he wanted. He adjusted the computer terminal to show Ace and tell her what he’d found.

“Look at this,” the Doctor told her. “Computer records made by Captain Terams stated that the starship crew were under quarantine by a lethal disease. It was something to do with the crew’s beverages. They were infected overnight and became aggressive. All crew abandoned ship as the infected crewmembers were contained in sick bay.”

“What?” Ace said astounded. “You mean to say we’re in a room with a group of aggressive madmen and women. Goons that can easily kill us whilst we remain in this place?!”

“Exactly,” said the Doctor, although he didn’t seem to be so bothered by the information he’d found. He was curious as if his mind was elsewhere.

Ace meanwhile was getting anxious. “Well what are we still doing here?” Ace demanded. “We’ve got to get out of here and fast!”

“You know something,” the Doctor said, more to himself. “I’m beginning to see a pattern in all this. In connection to three previous adventures I had when I was younger as three selves.”

“Doctor,” Ace prodded him. “This isn’t the time and place to be waffling…”

The Doctor ignored Ace as he went on, “The fact that the records were made by Captain Terams in the ship’s computer are unusual. Why wasn’t it made by the starship’s chief medical officer?”

“Does it matter?” Ace protested. “Do you seriously want to end up dead here, Professor?”

“And the name,” the Doctor continued. “There’s something oddly familiar about that name. Terams. As if it were an anagram. In fact…” the Doctor paused for emphasis. “They all seem to be anagrams.”

“What are you on about, Doctor?” Ace wanted to know, feeling impatient.

“Sretam; Marest…” the Doctor continued. Then he thought for a moment. “Father Christmas doesn’t seem to sound right or make sense!”

“Professor,” Ace then said, sounding afraid.

“Or perhaps it does,” the Doctor pondered away.

“Doctor,” Ace then stressed to him out loud.

The Doctor picked up on Ace’s urgency and looked to her. “What is it, Ace?” he asked.

“Look,” Ace pointed.

The Doctor could see what was troubling Ace. The cover sheets on the patients on the medical bunk-beds…had begun to move. The figures rose up from their bunk-beds and started to step down onto the floor.

“Ace,” the Doctor said urgently, “Get back!” He stood in front of Ace, holding his umbrella in his hand.

The figures then swiftly stomped forward. Mechanical stomps they were. The plastic sheets came off. Ace and the Doctor could see what they were now. Their blank faces were easily recognisable as they had encountered them before.

“Cybermen,” Ace exclaimed.

“Yes,” the Doctor said bitterly. “That was what the disease was that infected the crewmen’s drinks. A cyber disease!”

The Cybermen stomped forward, seeing the Doctor and Ace in their sights. The leader marched forward and stated, “You will become like us! Resistance is useless!”

As the Cybermen advanced upon them, the Doctor and Ace backed away to the sick bay doors to exit from the place.

“Shall I use my Nitro-9 on them,” Ace suggested. “I don’t have any gold coins or gold dust.”

“No Ace,” the Doctor admonished her. “Don’t do anything rash! When I say run…run!”

But at that moment, the sick bay doors opened behind them and in entered a little boy. A little boy…dressed up in a Superman outfit.

“It’s alright, Doctor; Ace,” the little boy said boldly. “I, Superman, have come to rescue you!”

Ace and the Doctor were astonished to see the little boy before them.

“Who are you then?” Ace wanted to know.

But the Doctor recognised the little boy instantly. “It’s you,” he stated surprised. “You’re Simon! You’re little Simon!”

“Come on,” little Simon said urgently. “They’ll be coming after us! Those Cybermen baddies!”

With that and without question, Ace and the Doctor followed their rescuer, Simon as Superman, as they escaped from the Cybermen in sick bay.


© Tim Bradley, 2017

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