Day 17 – ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2017

advent day 17 2017

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

It’s Day 17 of ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2017.

6. The Five Doctors At Christmas

We now begin ‘The Tenth Doctor’s Story’ in ‘The Five Doctors At Christmas’. In this segment, the Tenth Doctor is travelling with Donna as the TARDIS lands inside a suburban house where it is Christmas time. Check out what happens and what the Doctor and Donna will discover in ‘Part Seventeen’! 🙂

‘The Tenth Doctor’s Story’ of ‘The Five Doctors At Christmas’ is set after ‘The Vexo Knights Experience’.


Check out what my Day 17 of my ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar for 2015 and 2016 were about!

Tim. 🙂

tenth doctor - Copy

Part Seventeen

The TARDIS materialised inside the living room of a suburban house.

The doors opened and the Doctor and Donna stepped out. They looked around and saw everything was festive. There was a big Christmas tree in the far corner of the room with Christmas decorations sprawled across the walls. There was also a toy train set on the floor that journeyed from all sides of the room. The train chugged alongside the Christmas tree where there were presents underneath.

“Aww,” the Doctor said in awe. “This is brilliant! Isn’t it brilliant, Donna? We’re inside a festive setting. A Christmas tree and a toy train set inside a house. It does feel a lot like Christmas, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah,” said Donna, rather unenthusiastically.

The Doctor noticed Donna’s lack of interest and realised. “Oh yes, of course,” he said. “I remember now! You hate Christmas, don’t you?”

“Yep,” Donna said. “Thanks for remembering.”

“Well,” the Doctor replied. “We won’t be here for long. We just need to check what that temporal energy trace was when we were in the TARDIS. It led us to this peculiar place for some reason.”

“Couldn’t it just be a passing blip?” Donna asked satirically.

“The TARDIS doesn’t just pick up passing blips, Donna,” the Doctor told her. “I know the old girl all too well for that!”

“Well okay,” Donna replied. “Let’s just get out of here as soon as we can! Seeing this living room with the Christmas tree makes me feel homesick.”

Donna had been missing her grandpa and her mum lately. She particularly missed her late dad as well.

The Doctor looked about the living room. “Curious,” he said. “I wonder where everybody is. Surprising nobody heard us arrive when the TARDIS materialised in this living room.”

“Perhaps they’re all in the kitchen preparing Christmas dinner,” Donna suggested. “The walls in the kitchen might be soundproof. It’s the same with our kitchen back home.”

The Doctor looked at Donna approvingly. “Good thinking, Donna,” he said. “Where would I be without you?”

“I shudder to think,” Donna replied coyly.

The Doctor smiled and both he and Donna laughed as they set about to find anyone in this suburban house by going to the kitchen.

The Doctor and Donna eventually found the kitchen and entered it to find a married couple there. The married couple were busy cutting up vegetables and potatoes to prepare for their Christmas Day meal. The two looked up to see the Doctor and Donna entering the kitchen. They smiled happily at them.

“Why hello there,” said the man cheerfully. “Guests already, hey?”

“It’s just as well we’re preparing the Christmas meal,” the woman added. “We weren’t sure whether we had overdone it with purchasing too much food from the shops this Christmas.”

Donna was puzzled as she stood by the Doctor and whispered softly into his ear. “Doctor,” she said. “They don’t seem that surprised to see us. Or be concerned that we’re in their house.”

“Leave this to me, Donna,” the Doctor told her reassuringly. He then addressed the married couple. “Hello there,” he said cheerfully. “I’m the Doctor and this is my friend Donna.”

“Delighted to see you,” the man replied. “I’m Mr. Brooker and this is my wife, Mrs. Brooker!”

“Hello Mr. Doctor; Miss Donna,” Mrs. Brooker said to them both.

“Just call me Doctor,” the Doctor said. “Not Mr. Just Doctor.”

Donna couldn’t help but be bemused at the conversation that was going on, so she interrupted rather forthrightly. “No I’m sorry,” Donna said briskly. “But we’re two strangers in your house. Don’t you find this rather odd?”

The man, Mr. Brooker, didn’t seem to be bothered. “Well we were expecting guests,” he said happily. “It is our annual Christmas dinner for friends and family. You are here for our Christmas dinner aren’t you?”

“But we’re not one of your…” Donna was about to say that she and the Doctor weren’t one of their friends and family and that they hadn’t been invited.

The Doctor however interrupted and said, “Of course we are! Of course we are, aren’t we Donna?! We’ve been looking forward to this Christmas dinner you’ve prepared!”

“Splendid,” Mr. Brooker said.

“Oh absolutely wonderful,” Mrs. Brooker added. “I’m so pleased that we’ve been able to get guests tonight.”

Donna took a moment to take the Doctor to one side as she whispered fiercely to him, “What do you think you’re playing at, Doctor? These people are duds!”

“I know they are,” the Doctor replied quietly to her. “There’s something wrong with these two. Their behaviour is all wrong. Just play along with them, Donna. We may learn something!”

“Why?” Donna asked. “What do you hope to gain from this?”

“That temporal energy trace we picked up in the TARDIS,” the Doctor told Donna. “It may have some connection with this couple and the Christmas dinner they’ve kindly prepared.”

“I don’t see how,” Donna retorted.

“Well,” the Doctor said shrewdly. “You’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you?”

“You’re weird sometimes,” Donna told him.

“Thank you for mentioning it,” the Doctor replied, shrugging at her remark.

Just then, the Brookers interrupted the Doctor and Donna. Mr. Brooker said to them, “We’d like to introduce you to another one of our family.”

“Yes indeed,” Mrs. Brooker said cheerfully. “He’s our son and we’re very fond of him.”

“Here he is,” Mrs. Brooker said. “This is our son…Simon!”

From out of nowhere, a boy appeared to the Doctor and Donna in the kitchen. Donna wasn’t sure how he got there. It seemed like he had always been there without anybody noticing.

Donna didn’t recognise the boy when she first saw him. But to the Doctor…oh he recognised him alright!

“It’s you,” the Doctor said. “You’re that same boy I’ve met! In five previous incarnations over five Christmases!”

The little boy Simon just said to him in a cheerful manner, “Hello, Doctor! Nice to see you back!”

Donna saw the Doctor’s expression. She’d never seen him look so troubled before.


© Tim Bradley, 2017

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