Day 20 – ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2017

advent day 20 2017

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It’s Day 20 of ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2017.

6. The Five Doctors At Christmas

And now we’ve come to the fourth and final episode of ‘The Tenth Doctor’s Story’ in ‘The Five Doctors At Christmas’. Check out ‘Part Twenty’ and find out what happens to the Tenth Doctor, Donna and little boy Simon, as they get surrounded by Daleks and Cybermen and face the Master. 🙂

‘The Tenth Doctor’s Story’ of ‘The Five Doctors At Christmas’ is set after ‘The Vexo Knights Experience’.


Check out what my Day 20 of my ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar for 2015 and 2016 were about!

Tim. 🙂

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Part Twenty

The Doctor, Donna and Simon found themselves taken to the base of operations held by the Daleks and the Cybermen with their leader, the Master. They were now inside a large control room with huge TV monitor screens about the place.

The Master with the Dalek leader and Cyber leader approached the Doctor, Donna and Simon. The Master knelt down towards Simon and smiled sinisterly at him.

“Really, Simon,” he said. “You thought you could get away from me so easily by blocking your thoughts.” He tut-tutted at that point. “You should have thought better than that!”

Simon turned away, hiding in Donna’s coat.

Donna was completely baffled by this point. “Doctor, I don’t understand,” she said. “How come Harold Saxon is here?”

“Ah” the Master said to Donna. “So you know me as Harold Saxon do you?”

“Of course I do,” Donna retorted.

“Tell me,” the Master demanded. “Am I Prime Minister of Great Britain yet?”

“Not yet it seems,” the Doctor interrupted. He addressed the Master pretty seriously now. “From your point of view, you escaped from Utopia in the year 100 trillion AD.”

“Right you are, Doctor,” the Master replied. “And what wonders I’ve seen in that future…”

“Yeah,” the Doctor interrupted again. “That’s already happened for me. I know what happened with you and Utopia and what you’re going to do to Earth as Prime Minister.”

“Really?!” the Master said intrigued. “So…care to give me a few spoilers. On how I can avoid failure in my plans for world domination…”

“What I don’t understand is,” the Doctor interrupted again. “if you can only travel between two times and places including 21st century Earth and Utopia in the far future, how come you’re here on this plane – whatever this planet is!”

“Yeah,” Donna piped up. “What is this planet we’re on,” she asked. “It’s not Earth surely.”

“This is the planet Christmas,” the Dalek leader answered, eager to butt into the conversation the Doctor and Donna were having with the Master.

“The planet Christmas?!” Donna said, bemused.

“It is the name given to this planet,” the Cyber Leader added. “For this boy’s benefit.”

“So,” the Doctor eventually said. “This was all a set-up. Created by you Master, the Daleks and the Cybermen to trap five versions of myself with my companions, based on little boy Simon’s dream worlds. Dream worlds of Christmas, am I correct?”

“Correct, Doctor,” the Master said cheekily. “You were always a live wire, weren’t you?!”

“Oh I’ve had plenty of lives to work this one out!” the Doctor said.

“What?” said Donna, bemused.

“What I don’t get though is…” the Doctor then enquired, “…how you, the Master, came to work for the Daleks and the Cybermen. Or how they came to work for you?”

“I found the Daleks and the Cybermen when they were trying to escape the void after your battle with them at Canary Wharf tower in London,” the Master answered. “You see, Doctor. I know all about your involvement with Torchwood Tower and how you caused trouble.”

“We agreed to ally ourselves with the Cybermen and the Master to ensure total victory and conquest of the planet Earth,” the Dalek leader declared.

“We likewise did the same,” the Cyber leader stated. “We must conquer Earth and assimilate every human to become like us. The Daleks and the Master have agreed to help the Cybermen in our objectives.”

“Deals with the Daleks and the Master, Cybermen,” the Doctor said, tut-tutting. “Bad idea!”

“We worked together to ensure the traps for your multiple selves was accomplished,” the Dalek leader stated. “The Master was most resourceful in enabling our presence.”

“I was there in all four places where you encountered Simon, the Daleks and the Cybermen,” the Master said. “I was the so-called man of disguise.”

“Yes,” the Doctor said. “I figured that you were.”

The Master continued, “I was Father Christmas aboard that train; Dr. Sretam in the English village; Eric Marest in New York and Captain Terams aboard the spaceship…”

“Yes, yes,” the Doctor said. “I guessed that as well…” The Doctor then trailed off for a moment. He realised something. “Oh yes! Of course!” he said.

“What, Doctor?” Donna said. “Have you discovered something?”

“The Master used anagrams for his last three disguises when I encountered him,” the Doctor explained. “Sretam; Marest and Terams: they’re all anagrams of Master.”

Donna didn’t seem to share the Doctor’s concern over the Master’s name choosing his previous encounters with him on this planet called Christmas.

“You’re concerned about the Master’s names,” Donna said bluntly, “and yet you’re not worried by the fact we’re about to be killed by Daleks; Cybermen and this Harold Saxon bloke or wondering why Simon seems to be the cause of it all.”

“Yeah that’s a very good point, Donna,” the Doctor replied, before he turned back to the Master. “What has little boy Simon got to do with all of this, Master?”

“Your friend Donna’s right though, Doctor,” the Master said. “You should be worried about your own safety and welfare…as well as your companions. Look!”

The Master pointed to the monitor screens. All looked, including the Doctor, Donna and Simon, as they saw four groups of people in trouble. The Doctor recognised who they were.

“They’re me,” the Doctor said. “They’re my previous selves…my Second; Fourth; Fifth and Seventh incarnations. There are also my companions Jamie; Zoe; Romana; K-9; Nyssa; Billy and Ace!” He paused for a moment and realised. “These were when I was snatched away and my companions were left to face trouble by Daleks and Cybermen.”

“That’s right, Doctor,” the Master replied. “They’re all happening at the same time as you see them on the monitor screens! And now it’s time for your companion Donna to face Daleks and Cybermen in little Simon’s home street now!”

“What?!” Donna said, aghast. But before she could protest, she was spirited away via teleport out of the base of operations for the Daleks; Cybermen and the Master.

The Doctor was shocked that Donna was gone. He turned back to the Master angrily, “What have you done to her?! Bring her back!” he demanded. “Bring Donna back this instant!”

“Too late, Doctor,” the Master said gleefully. “Your friend Donna is already in trouble now! She faces death by the Daleks and the Cybermen in a foggy street!”

The Master laughed away maniacally, as the Doctor gritted his teeth angrily at what his enemy Time Lord had done…


© Tim Bradley, 2017

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