Day 23 – ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2017

advent day 23 2017

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It’s Day 23 of ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2017.

6. The Five Doctors At Christmas

‘Part Twenty-Three’ of ‘The Five Doctors At Christmas’ sees the third instalment of ‘The Five Doctors’ Story’ with the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Seventh and Tenth Doctor. Things get serious now, as the lives of the Doctors’ companions, Jamie; Zoe; Romana; K-9; Nyssa; Billy; Ace and Donna get threatened! 🙂


Check out what my Day 23 of my ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar for 2015 and 2016 were about!

Tim. 🙂


Part Twenty-Three

As the Master, the Daleks and the Cybermen threatened their companions’ lives, the five Doctors gathered together to converge with one another.

“What are you doing?” the Dalek leader demanded.

“Just having a private conference,” the Tenth Doctor said cheerfully. “We’ll be a second!”

At that, the five Doctors gathered together for their mental conference. The Master, getting agitated and apprehensive, advanced on the five Doctors.

“Doctors,” he began. “Whatever you’re doing, stop it now! You won’t be able to get out of this one so easily! Submit to the Daleks, Cybermen and to me now!”

Eventually however, the five Doctors turned back to the Master, finishing their telepathic conference.

“It’s okay,” the Tenth Doctor said. “We’re done!”

The Master was startled. If the Daleks and Cybermen were startled, they certainly didn’t show it through their metal appearance.

“You’re…done with your telepathic conference?” the Master asked.

“He said we’d be a second,” the Fourth Doctor said, indicating the Tenth Doctor.

“And we were,” the Fifth Doctor added.

The Tenth Doctor grinned cheekily, as did the Second, Fourth, Fifth and Seventh Doctors.

“What did you do?” the Master asked them, getting more agitated by this point. “Tell me what you have done?!”

If only the Master knew what was going on in that telepathic conference between the five Doctors. But this line of enquiry was interrupted, as something was happening on the monitor screens with the companions in the five alcove areas.

“Alert, alert,” the Dalek leader announced. “Five TARDISes materialising in five alcove areas on the planet Christmas!”

“Confirmed!” the Cyber Leader reported. “The five TARDISes have materialised around the companions in each of the five alcove areas.”

The Master looked to see. This was true. As they watched the monitor screens, there was a TARDIS in each of the five alcove areas on the planet Christmas. One TARDIS materialised around Jamie and Zoe aboard the steam train; one TARDIS materialised around Romana and K-9 in the English village; one TARDIS materialised around Nyssa and Billy in New York; one TARDIS materialised around Ace aboard the spaceship and one TARDIS materialised around Donna in the surburban street area where little boy Simon’s dream home was.

The Daleks and Cybermen in each of their five areas opened fire on the five TARDISes that materialised. But the five TARDISes were indestructible to the Daleks and Cybermen’s firepower in those areas.

“Ah,” the Seventh Doctor announced happily. “It worked. I’m surprised it did.”

“Indeed,” the Fifth Doctor added. “I didn’t think the mind powers of us five would be enough.”

“Perhaps someone should change the old proverb,” the Fourth Doctor suggested. “Five heads are better than two!”

The Master turned angrily on the five Doctors, who slightly backed away from his anger for a brief moment.

“What have you Doctors done?!” the Master demanded angrily. “Tell me what you’ve done!”

“Oh it’s quite simple,” the Tenth Doctor began to explain. “We couldn’t let you harm our companions, so we went for the last option.”

“The last option?” the Master enquired.

“Yes,” the Seventh Doctor said. “You Master confirmed that not all incarnations of us Doctors were here. And you stated that this chap…” he indicated the Tenth Doctor. “…was not the latest incarnation for us in our timeline!”

“So therefore,” the Fifth Doctor continued, “we went for an option that we would rarely use. We made contact with our last incarnation of the Doctor!”

“You did what?!” the Master demanded.

“Yes,” the Fourth Doctor confirmed. “By breaking all the laws of time, we five Doctors sent a message to our latest self. And he…or she…it’s hard to tell…gave us the help we needed by going back in time to when we were at our TARDISes before these extraordinary excursions on the planet Christmas happened.”

“That’s right,” the Second Doctor continued. “That future Doctor of ours pre-set the TARDIS to rescue our companions at the point when they were in danger from the Daleks and the Cybermen. Thus the five TARDISes as you saw materialised around them. They’re completely protected against the Daleks and Cybermen’s power.”

“You cannot do this!” the Dalek leader stated.

“It is illogical,” the Cyber Leader added.

“The Daleks and Cybermen are right,” the Master stated. “You Doctors can’t break the laws of time like this!”

“Why not? You did,” pointed out the Tenth Doctor. “You should be on Earth in the 21st century or on Utopia in the year 100 trillion. If you can break out of your limitation of travelling in time and space, why can’t we five Doctors?!”

The Master was red in the face at this point. But he wasn’t going to give up.

“You still haven’t beaten us yet, Doctors,” the Master pointed out. “The Daleks and the Cybermen have invasion fleets waiting to enter the trans-dimensional portal I have to invade 26th century Earth and using little boy Simon as the key!”

“The power in the five alcoves is enough for our purposes,” the Dalek leader announced. “We shall be triumphant and victorious!”

“You cannot stop us,” the Cyber Leader stated. “You have no back-up plan!”

“Actually I think you’ll find that we do,” the Seventh Doctor said.

“We actually sent another message to our future self by this point,” the Fifth Doctor added.

At that moment, five TARDISes materialised inside the Dalek/Cybermen base. They all materialised around the five Doctors each in turn.

“Alert! Alert!” the Dalek leader said. “Five TARDISes materialising in base of operations!”

“The Doctors must not escape!” the Cyber leader said.

“Doctors,” the Master shouted. “NO!!! You can’t leave like this! Get back here now! NOW!!!”

But it was too late. The five TARDISes with the Doctor and companions inside departed as it dematerialised out of the Daleks/Cybermen base of operations. Little boy Simon became worried as he saw the five TARDISes go.

“Don’t leave, Doctors,” little boy Simon said. “The bad guys will kill me! Don’t leave…”


© Tim Bradley, 2017

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