Quick DVD review – ‘Trust Me’

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This is part of my research into Jodie Whittaker. I’ve now seen ‘Trust Me’, a four-part drama series with Jodie. I enjoyed watching this, since it enabled me to find out what Jodie was like as an actress before I saw her in ‘Doctor Who’. This is something I didn’t do with some other Doctors beforehand.

I’d like to thank Stephen, my best mate from school, for lending me the DVD. He’d seen ‘Trust Me’ before I did and he knew I would be interested since Jodie Whittaker was in it. This was to satisfy my curiosity about what Jodie Whittaker was like as an actress and whether I’d like her in ‘Doctor Who’.

‘Trust Me’ was shown on BBC TV in August 2017 after the announcement that Jodie Whittaker was cast as the Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’ in July. I didn’t watch ‘Trust Me’ on TV, but I’m glad to have seen it on DVD. Jodie impressed me as an actress and I found the drama itself very thrilling and engaging.

The story has Jodie star as Cath Hardacre, a hospital nurse who loses her job because she told the truth. She soon steals the identity of her best friend who moves to New Zealand and becomes a doctor in Edinburgh. She lives there with her daughter and balances her life with the lies she makes.

Just to get it out of the way here, there are some parallels with Jodie’s character becoming a doctor in the drama compared to how she becomes the Thirteenth Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’. There are in-jokes in ‘Episode One’ and she even says “I think I’m going to be a doctor” to someone. Well, obviously! 😀

‘Trust Me’ was a very engaging drama. You wonder what Cath does living the life she’s not meant to have as Dr. Alison Sutton at the hospital. Watching the drama, you can understand her motivations and why she does the things she does since Jodie Whittaker delivers a very compelling performance.

I did want Cath to succeed in her new life as Dr. Ali Sutton in the Edinburgh hospital, even though it’s totally wrong somehow. I also wanted to her to have this romantic relationship with another man she works with at the hospital, even though she has an ex-husband who she left behind in Sheffield.

The four episodes were gripping to watch and I was surprised by how it ended. There are some things with the climax that got me puzzled and were left unresolved, which was slightly disappointing. I’m not sure if it’s meant to continue for a second series, but that’s to be determined.

I’m glad I’ve seen ‘Trust Me’ as I now know I’ve seen Jodie Whittaker in something before in ‘Doctor Who’. I like her as an actress and I’m really looking forward to seeing her play the Doctor in 2018. Whether people like it or not, I’m positive Jodie will deliver a remarkable performance as the Doctor.

‘Trust Me’ is a pretty serious hospital drama and it seems Jodie is in a role that is more down-to-earth and in a gritty reality. But if Jodie can deliver a performance like this in ‘Trust Me’ for her role as the Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’, with elements of humour added, I’m sure the new series will go down well.

If you want to find out what Jodie Whittaker is like as an actress, ‘Trust Me’ is the best place to start.

By the way, Paul Copley (‘Torchwood’) and Jimmy Vee (‘Doctor Who’) were also in ‘Trust Me’.

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Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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