TV Review – ‘The Highway Rat’

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Christmas Day was pretty exciting for me! Before I saw ‘Doctor Who’ at 5.30 yesterday, I watched the animated short film ‘The Highway Rat’! This perked my interest as it featured the voice of David Tennant. I simply had to watch this animated short as David Tennant is one of my favourite Doctors.

David Tennant is well-known for playing the Tenth Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’, but he’s done so many things in his career. This is one of the things he’s done and it was nice to him voice as swashbuckling and rather mean-spirited rodent stealing sugary treats in a Dr. Seuss-like story of moral proportions.

And that’s not an exaggeration. The story features narration by Rob Brydon and most of it is in rhyme. However this is actually based on the children’s book by Julia Donaldson. She also wrote ‘The Gruffalo’ and many other children stories that have been adapted into animated short for Christmas.

The story sees the Highway Rat as a pretty mean character that torments the other animals by stealing their sugary foods. I had no idea where this story was going and whether there was any redemption for the Highway Rat at the end. I was pretty surprised by the twists featured in this tale.

‘The Highway Rat’ also features the voices of Nina Sosanya, Frances de la Tour and Tom Hollander. I enjoyed watching this animated short on Christmas Day. It had David Tennant in it and I thought to myself why not. It certainly filled in the time for me to wait before ‘Doctor Who’ came on at 5.30pm.

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