Quick DVD Review – ‘Sink or Swim’

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This is what I gave my Mum on her birthday this year!

My parents and I have now finished seeing ‘Sink or Swim’, the BBC sitcom series starring Peter Davison and Robert Glenister. This was made in the early 1980s during the time Peter Davison did ‘Doctor Who’. He starred in ‘Sink or Swim’ and ‘Holding the Fort’ whilst also playing the Fifth Doctor.

I’ve enjoyed ‘Sink or Swim’ very much. This series went by so quickly while my parents and I watched it on DVD. We ‘swam’ through it instead of ‘sank’ in it. 😀 I shared with Peter Davison at the ‘Carlisle Comic Con’ how much I was enjoying ‘Sink or Swim’. My parents and I were on Series 3 by this point.

‘Sink or Swim’ is a three seasons spread across a four-disc DVD set. Peter Davison stars as Brian Webber and Robert Glenister stars as his brother, Steve. The series starts in London where Steve goes to see his brother Brian. They eventually live in a flat, struggling to get a working life in London.

This is a similar situation where Peter Davison played a brother role in ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ opposite Robert Hardy. Except this roles are reversed as Peter Davison plays the responsible brother whereas Robert Glenister plays the lazy, childish brother. It also had a ‘Likely Lads’ atmosphere to it.

I enjoyed both Peter Davison and Robert Glenister as the two brothers in the series. Robert Glenister would later guest star in ‘The Caves of Androzani’ with Peter Davison in ‘Doctor Who’ after ‘Sink or Swim’. It was very surreal to see Robert Glenister in a different character role compared ‘Androzani’.

Like I said, the series starts in London. It takes place in London for most of Series 1 and 2 before moving to Newcastle in Series 3 where Brian studies a computers university course there. I enjoyed the antics of some of the situations when Steve causes trouble in Brian’s life in many of the episodes.

The series also features Sara Corper as Sonia, Brian’s girlfriend. I enjoyed Sonia, although she is pretty serious minded and has focused interests on vegetarianism and ecology. I’m surprised Brian didn’t dump Sonia in the series, especially when she was wide-eyed and used long-winded words. 😀

There are a number of episodes I enjoyed watching from the series, including the Christmas episode from Series 1 and the episodes where Brian gets a run-down boat in Bristol. The series also featured guest stars like Nicholas Courtney, John Abineri, Dinah Sheridan and Tenniel Evans who were a joy.

The series concludes on an episode where Steve is on a ferry to France and Brian and Sonia get left behind. I got a feeling of “Is that it?” when the series ended. I felt there should have been more after that. But Peter Davison only did three seasons since that is his acting rule: ‘three seasons and leave’.

‘Sink or Swim’ has been great to watch. I’m glad I saw Peter Davison in something different other than ‘Doctor Who’ and starring alongside Robert Glenister in it. My Mum enjoyed her birthday present as well as Dad and me. I would have to get onto re-watching ‘Sink or Swim’ again sometime.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Quick DVD Review – ‘Sink or Swim’

  1. Hello Tim, thank you for this review. I had been wondering what this series was like, so I was very happy to see a link to your review of it via the Peter Davison Hub fan-page on Facebook. It sounds as if this DVD box set is worth getting and should go on my wish-list, along with Campion and a whole lot of other things with Peter in them 🙂

    It’s interesting to see the comparison with Peter Davison’s role in “All Creatures Great and Small”, which is one of my favourite series. Have you seen it? His portrayal of his character, Tristan, is really great. Tristan is mainly a comic character but has some tragic aspects too, and he portrays both sides of the character in such a way that he is very loveable, despite being pretty badly behaved some of the time!

    (If you want to get a taste for All Creatures, you can have a look at the blog I’ve just started, where I’m working my way through the series with a commentary on each episode.)

    Best wishes, Vicky

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    • Hi Vicky.

      Very pleased you enjoyed my review on ‘Sink or Swim’. My parents and I enjoyed this series and surprisingly went through it rather quickly. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this series should you purchase it on DVD. Peter Davison and Robert Glenister are very good in it.

      I have seen ‘All Creatures’ yes. In fact it was the first thing I saw Peter Davison in before seeing him in ‘Doctor Who’. I would like to review ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ on my blog. I’ve seen and started following your blog dedicated to the series. I hope to comment on your reviews on the series sometime soon. It looks very impressive.

      Thanks Vicky.

      Tim. 🙂


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