‘Soldiers of Love’ review – ‘Deathtraps’

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It’s Good Friday today! So get your remotes ready! It’s MJTV time! 😀

Welcome back to MJTV time, as we continue the ‘Soldiers of Love’ series on ‘Bradley’s Basement’! We now delve into the second episode of this 14-part audio series called ‘Deathtraps’. This is where it gets exciting for me as Sarah Sutton makes her first appearance as Colonel Franklyn in the episode.

This episode features the return of Nicholas Courtney, Michael Keating and Sammie Winmill to their roles from the previous episode. There are also some new stars to the series including Gareth Thomas, Jacqueline Pearce and Peter Dean as well as Sarah Sutton. Will the plot thicken in this episode?

‘Deathtraps’ deals with more storylines and characters compared to what was going on in the previous instalment. At this point, since I’m listening to these episodes after a long time whilst reviewing them, I’ve no idea where the ‘Soldiers of Love’ series is going. I’m sure it’ll be very exciting.

Here is the link to my review on ‘Deathtraps’.

Please feel free to comment on my review for ‘Deathtraps’. You can purchase ‘Deathtraps’ or the complete ‘Soldiers of Love’ series from the MJTV website.

Enjoy! 🙂

Stay tuned tomorrow for my review on the next ‘Soldiers of Love’ episode called ‘Metamorphs’.

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂


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