‘Soldiers of Love’ review – ‘Breaking Loose’

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Get your remotes ready! It’s MJTV time!

Welcome to MJTV time! For those of you who aren’t in the know, we’re on the ninth episode of the ‘Soldiers of Love’ series called ‘Breaking Loose’. If you’ve missed out on what the previous eight episodes were about, click on the link and start all over again from scratch with the first episode ‘Genesis’.

This episode, ‘Breaking Loose’, stars Nicholas Courtney, Gareth Thomas, Anna Karen, Jacqueline Pearce and Sarah Sutton. This episode is rather sad for me, as it features the last appearance of Sarah Sutton as Colonel Franklyn. I was devastated and upset by the time I finished hearing this one.

How exactly does Sarah Sutton as Colonel Franklyn depart from the series? Is it a worthwhile departure? Will her exit from ‘Soldiers of Love’ deliver more plot twisting revelations for other characters? Only one way to find out and that’s to check my thoughts and feelings about the episode.

Here is the link to my review on ‘Breaking Loose’.

Please feel free to comment on my review for ‘Breaking Loose’. You can purchase ‘Breaking Loose’ or the complete ‘Soldiers of Love’ series from the MJTV website.

Enjoy! 🙂

Stay tuned tomorrow for my review on the next ‘Soldiers of Love’ episode called ‘Earth Quake’.

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