‘Soldiers of Love’ review – ‘Sting In The Tale’

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Get your remotes ready! It’s MJTV time!

Welcome once again to MJTV time! Today we’re looking into an episode of the ‘Soldiers of Love’ series that I’ve only just heard for the first time. Yes, this is where I listen to episodes of the audio series from MJTV Productions that I didn’t originally hear when I first played ‘SOL’ back in May 2014.

This was due to me drifting from the series after Sarah Sutton as Colonel Franklyn left in ‘Breaking Loose’. I couldn’t feel myself engaged with the series once Sarah Sutton’s character had gone. But now I’ve been able to revisit the series again, I’m putting on a brave face to listen to the rest of ‘SOL’.

Today we look into the eleventh episode of the ‘Soldiers of Love’ series called ‘Sting In The Tale’. The episode stars Nicholas Courtney, Anna Karen and Gareth Thomas. The series is written, produced and directed by Mark J. Thompson. What will be the intriguing twists revealed for this ‘SOL’ episode?

Here is the link to my review on ‘Sting In The Tale’.

Please feel free to comment on my review for ‘Sting In The Tale’. You can purchase ‘Sting In The Tale’ or the complete ‘Soldiers of Love’ series from the MJTV website.

Enjoy! 🙂

Stay tuned tomorrow for my review on the next ‘Soldiers of Love’ episode called ‘S.O.S.’.

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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